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A mechanophysical phase transition provides a dramatic example of colour polymorphism: the tribochromism of a substituted tri(methylene)tetrahydrofuran-2-oneIn stampaAsiri A M; Heller H G; Hughes D S; Hursthouse M B; Kendrick J; Leusen F J J; Montis RCHEMISTRY CENTRAL JOURNAL
Fluoride binding by an anionic receptor: Tuning the acidity of amide NH groups for basic anion hydrogen bonding and recognition2019Montis, Riccardo; Bencini, Andrea; Coles, Simon J.; Conti, Luca; Fusaro, Luca; Gale, Philip A.; G...iorgi, Claudia; Horton, Peter N.; Lippolis, Vito; Mapp, Lucy K.; Caltagirone, ClaudiaCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
[9]aneN3-based fluorescent receptors for metal ion sensing, featuring urea and amide functional groups2019GARAU, ALESSANDRA; Bencini, Andrea; Blake, Alexander J.; CALTAGIRONE, CLAUDIA; Conti, Luca; ISAIA..., FRANCESCO; LIPPOLIS, VITO; MONTIS, RICCARDO; Mariani, Palma; SCORCIAPINO, MARIANO ANDREADALTON TRANSACTIONS
Halogen-substituted ureas for anion binding: solid state and solution studies2017Casula, Arianna; Fornasier, Marco; Montis, Riccardo; Bettoschi, Alexandre; Argent, Stephen P.; Bl...ake, Alexander J.; Lippolis, Vito; Marongiu, Laura; Picci, Giacomo; Tidey, Jeremiah P.; Caltagirone, ClaudiaSUPRAMOLECULAR CHEMISTRY
Tris-ureas as transmembrane anion transporters2016Olivari, Martina; Montis, Riccardo; Berry, Stuart N.; Karagiannidis, Louise E.; Coles, Simon J.; ...Horton, Peter N.; Mapp, Lucy K.; Gale, Philip A; Caltagirone, ClaudiaDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Fluorescent asymmetric bis-ureas for pyrophosphate recognition in pure water2016Casula, Arianna; Bazzicalupi, Carla; Bettoschi, Alexandre; Cadoni, Enzo; Coles, Simon J.; Horton,... Peter N.; Isaia, Francesco; Lippolis, Vito; Mapp, Lucy K.; Marini, Giada M.; Montis, Riccardo; Scorciapino, Mariano Andrea; Caltagirone, ClaudiaDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Anion complexation, transport and structural studies of a series of bis-methylurea compounds2015Olivari M; Montis R; Karagiannidis L E; Horton P N; Mapp L K; Coles S J; Light M E; Gale P A; Cal...tagirone CDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Silica-based nanoparticles: a versatile tool for the development of efficient imaging agents2015Caltagirone C; Bettoschi A; Garau A; Montis RCHEMICAL SOCIETY REVIEWS
Reactivity of the drug methimazole and its iodine adduct with elemental zinc2014Isaia F; Aragoni M C; Arca M; Caltagirone C; Garau A; Jones P; Lippolis V; Montis RCRYSTENGCOMM
Reply to the ‘Comment on “Non-symmetric substituted ureas locked in an (E,Z) conformation: an unusual anion binding via supramolecular assembly’ by B. Ośmiałowski and E. Kolehmainen2014Caltagirone C; Garau A; Isaia F; Lippolis V; Montis R; Olivari M; Scorciapino M ANEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY
Anhydrates and/or hydrates in nitrate, sulphate and phosphate salts of 4-aminopyridine, (4-AP) and 3,4-diaminopyridine (3,4-DAP): the role of the water molecules in the hydrates2014Hursthouse M B; Montis R; Niitsoo L; Sarson J; Threlfall T L; Asiri A M; Khan S A; Obaid A Y; Al-...Harbi L MCRYSTENGCOMM
Development of a novel PVC-membrane fluorescent sensor based on N,N'-bis(dansylamidoethyl)-N,N'-bis(2-pyridylmethyl)propylenediamine as a new fluoroionophore for highly sensitive and selective monitoring of trace amounts of La3+ ions in aqueous solutions2014Shamsipur M; Mohammadi M; Taherpour A; Lippolis V; Montis RSENSORS AND ACTUATORS. B, CHEMICAL
Non-symmetric substituted ureas locked in an (E,Z) conformation: an unusual anion binding via supramolecular assembly2013Olivari M; Caltagirone C; Garau A; Isaia F; Light ME; Lippolis V; Montis R; Scorciapino MANEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY
“In-Silico Seeding”: Isostructurality and Pseudoisostructurality in a Family of Aspirin Derivatives2013Kendrick, J; Montis, Riccardo; Hursthouse M., B; Leusen FJ, J.CRYSTAL GROWTH & DESIGN
A new family of bis-ureidic receptors for pyrophosphate optical sensing2013Caltagirone C; Bazzicalupi C; Isaia F; Light ME; Lippolis V; Montis R; Murgia S; Olivari M; Picci GORGANIC & BIOMOLECULAR CHEMISTRY
Zn+2/Cd+2 optical discrimination by fluorescent chemosensors based on 8-hydroxyquinoline derivatives and sulfur-containing macrocyclic units2013Aragoni M C; Arca M; Bencini A; Caltagirone C; Garau A; Isaia F; Light M E; Lippolis V; Lodeiro C...; Mameli M; Montis R; Mostallino M C; Pintus A; Puccioni SDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Cationic and Anionic 1-D Chains Based on NH+···N Charge-Assisted Hydrogen Bonds in Bipyridyl Derivatives and Polyiodides2012Aragoni M C; Arca M; Caltagirone M; Castellano C; Demartin F; Garau A; Isaia F; Lippolis V; Monti...s R; Pintus ACRYSTENGCOMM
Bis(2-methylpyridyl)alkyl(thioalkyl)diamines as promising scaffolds for the construction of fluorescent and redox chemosensors for transition and post-transition metal ions2012Aragoni M; Montis R; Arca M; Bazzicalupi C; Blake A. J.; Caltagirone C.; De Filippo G.; Garau A.;... Gratteri P.; Isaia F.; Lippolis V.; Pintus A.INORGANICA CHIMICA ACTA
Crystalline adducts of some substituted salicylic acids with 4-aminopyridine, including hydrates and solvates: contact and separated ionic complexes with diverse supramolecular synthons2012Montis R; Hursthouse M BCRYSTENGCOMM
Importance of Solvent Selection for Stoichiometrically Diverse Cocrystal Systems: Caffeine/Maleic Acid 1:1 and 2:1 Cocrystals2012Leyssens T; Springuel G; Montis R; Candoni N; Veesler SCRYSTAL GROWTH & DESIGN
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