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Titolo: Role of the support surface on the loading and the activity of Pseudomonas fluorescens lipase used for biodiesel synthesis
Data di pubblicazione: 2009
Abstract: The present work investigates the influence of the support surface on the loading and the enzymatic activity of the immobilized Pseudomonas fluorescens lipase. Different porous materials, polypropylene (Accurel), polymethacrylate (Sepabeads EC-EP), silica (SBA-15 and surface modified SBA-15), and an organosilicate (MSE), were used as supports. The immobilized biocatalysts were compared towards sunflower oil ethanolysis for the sustainable production of biodiesel. Since the supports have very different structural (ordered hexagonal and disordered) and textural features (surface area, pore size, and total pore volume), in order to consider only the effect of the support surface, experiments were performed at low surface coverage. The different functional groups occurring on the support surface allowed either physical (Accurel, MSE, and SBA-15) or chemical adsorption (Sepabeads EC-EP and SBA-15–R-CHO). The surface-modified SBA-15 (SBA-15–R-CHO) allowed the highest loading. The lipase immobilized on the MSE was the most active biocatalyst. However, in terms of catalytic efficiency (activity/loading) the lipase immobilized on the SBA-15, the support that allowed the lowest loading, was the most efficient
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