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Titolo: Investigation of energy transfer in terbium doped Y2SiO5 phosphor particles
Data di pubblicazione: 2012
Abstract: The kinetics of luminescence of sol-gel synthesized terbium doped Y 2SiO 5 (YSO) phosphor particles is investigated in detail with reference to Tb concentration in the 0.001%-10% range. By increasing the dopant concentration, the luminescence profile changes from a blue to a green peaked emission spectrum because of the energy transfer among centers. The inter-center energy transfer mechanism is well accounted for by the Inokuti-Hirayama (IH) kinetic model which is based on a statistical average of inter-center distance dependent decay modes of the donor luminescence. The distribution of the decay modes is implemented from the Förster-Dexter resonance theory of energy transfer by assuming a rate constant for the energy transfer by multipolar interactions between donors and acceptors. However, the experimental results recorded in the low concentration limit show the presence of green emission contributions in the luminescence spectrum which cannot be related to the Tb concentration; for this reason an additional internal energy transfer mechanism, occurring among levels of the same center, is proposed to account for the recorded emission properties. Thus, a new and more exhaustive model which includes both the internal and external energy transfer processes is considered; the proposed model allows a better explanation of the spectroscopic features of Tb related centers in YSO crystals and discloses the critical concentration and the quantum yields of the different energy transfer mechanisms.
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