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Titolo: First example of infinite polybromide 2D network
Data di pubblicazione: 2003
Citazione: First example of infinite polybromide 2D network / M.C. ARAGONI; M. ARCA; F. A. DEVILLANOVA; F. ISAIA; V. LIPPOLIS; A. MANCINI; L. PALA; A. M. Z. SLAWIN; J. D. WOOLLINS. - :17(2003), pp. 2226-2227.
Abstract: The reaction of the neutral dithiolene [Pd(Et2timdt)2] (Et2timdt = formally monoreduced diethylimidazolidine- 2,4,5-trithione) with an excess of Br2 yielded few crystals of [1Et·2Br]2+(Br2)2(Br2)3 as a by-product (1Et = 4,5,9,10-tet- rathiocino-[1,2-b:5,6-bA]-1,3,6,8-tetraethyl-diimidazolyl- 2,7-dithione); X-ray diffraction analysis showed that this compound represents the first example of a polybromide 2D- network templated by [1Et·2Br]+2 dications, and featuring all the Br–Br distances shorter than those found in solid state bromine.
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