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Titolo: Regulatory effects of senescence marker protein 30 on the proliferation of hepatocytes
Data di pubblicazione: 2001
Abstract: Senescence marker protein 30 (SMP 30) is preferentially expressed in the liver. One of its remarkable functions is the protection of cells against various injuries by enhancement of membrane calcium-pump activity. We analyzed the role of SMP 30 in hepatocyte proliferation. SMP 30 expression was decreased initially, then increased along with hepatic regeneration, after carbon tetrachloride (CCl4) administration. SMP 30 expression was decreased in the necrotic phase and then gradually increased. Its increase was slightly delayed just after the mitotic phase. These results lead us to speculate that mitoses of hepatic cells induce enhanced SMP 30 expression. In contrast, administration of lead nitrate,(LN) as a hepatic mitogen induced a more stable increase of SMP 30 expression. To estimate the effect of SMP 30 on cell proliferation, we evaluated hepatic mitosis in wild-type and SMP 30-deficient knockout (KO) mice after CCl4 administration. We found an increase in mitotic numbers in hepatocytes of KO mice. This result suggests that SMP 30 has a suppressive effect on cell proliferation. Suppressive activity of SMP 30 cDNA was shown in cultured hepatoblastic cells. Our results suggest that SMP 30 performs a regulatory function in liver regeneration.
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