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Titolo: Correlated Trends of Coexisting Magnetism and Superconductivity in Optimally Electron-Doped Oxypnictides
Data di pubblicazione: 2011
Abstract: We report on the recovery of the short-range static magnetic order and on the concomitant degradation of the superconducting state in optimally F-doped SmFe1-xRuxAsO0.85F0.15 for 0.1≤x≲0.5. The two reduced order parameters coexist within nanometer-size domains in the FeAs layers and eventually disappear around a common critical threshold xc∼0.6. Superconductivity and magnetism are shown to be closely related to two distinct well-defined local electronic environments of the FeAs layers. The two transition temperatures, controlled by the isoelectronic and diamagnetic Ru substitution, scale with the volume fraction of the corresponding environments. This fact indicates that superconductivity is assisted by magnetic fluctuations, which are frozen whenever a short-range static order appears, and totally vanish above the magnetic dilution threshold xc.
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