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Titolo: First data on the use of native algal strain from Ecosistema Filtro to detect the effect of phosphate on growth inhibition
Data di pubblicazione: 2012
Abstract: The present work is a part of report on the results of a survey of the algal flora of a constructed wetland, the Ecosistema Filtro (EFS). A freshwater microalgal species was selected and assay was performed following standard guidelines, in an attempt to evaluate the role of laboratory assessments in ecological risk assessment studies. Scenedesmus sp. was viewed to a good option for the assay because it grew well and according to control acceptability criteria. We evaluated growth estimates by comparing manual cell counting to more automated growth estimates using absorbance endpoints. Results confirm the chances to promote an integrative hazard assessment approach, combining laboratory, in situ assays, water-quality parameters.
ISBN: 978-88-448-0614-9
Tipologia:4.3 Poster

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