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Titolo: Geomorphological map of the Tremiti Islands (Puglia, Southern Adriatic Sea, Italy)
Data di pubblicazione: 2013
Abstract: This paper describes the Geomorphological map of Tremiti Islands archipelago (Puglia, Southern Adriatic Sea, Italy), scale 1:15,000. The Tremiti Islands archipelago, located north of Gargano promontory’s coast, is part of a complex geological area within the Adriatic basin, facing the junction between central and southern Apennines. This area is well known for Neogenic-Quaternary stratigraphic, tectonic and seismologic aspects and is crucial for the definition of Late Quaternary Adriatic basin evolution. The map is the result of a geomorphological study carried out on both the islands and the inner continental shelf around the islands. This study incorporates: 1) field Quaternary continental deposits and geomorphological mapping, supported by radiometric dating, focused on the morpho-lithostratigraphic correlation of deposits among the different islands and the recognition of landforms that controlled the landscape evolution, 2) bathymetrical analysis and 3) geomorphological analysis of side scan sonar survey, focused on the recognition of main submerged landforms, from coastline down to about 70 m b.s.l., 4) scuba-dive geomorphological survey, for improving analysis of geophysical data with direct observations. The study outlines a complex geological and geomorphologic setting. The Quaternary continental succession of the archipelago, despite the small size of the islands, is characterized by widespread deposits, referable to slope, fluvial and aeolian environments. The geomorphological landfroms of the islands are related to karst, fluvial, marine, and gravitational processes. The inner continental shelf features marine and coastal landfroms, but also tectonic, fluvial, karst and slope landforms. The correlation of the below sea level geomorphological features, with landforms and deposits of above sea level areas, has provided a contribution to the reconstruction of Late Quaternary landscape and geomorphological evolution, as the result of tectonics, sea-level fluctuations and marine, coastal, and continental geomorphological processes.
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