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Titolo: Mobile passive sampling with DGTs for the measurement of trace metals in seawater
Data di pubblicazione: 2015
Abstract: arrived at the northern Italian city of Genoa after a four-day, 320-kilometre journey from the Tuscan island of Giglio where it shipwrecked. The transfer was carried out at an average speed of about two knots per hour. With the aim of evaluating the mean concentration of organic and inorganic contaminants in bioavailable form released from the wreck during the voyage, a total of 27 DGT devices (9 DGTs with Chelex resin for Cd, Cr, Cu, Ni and Pb, 9 DGTs with Spheron-Thiol resin for Hg, 9 DGTs with Fe-oxyde resin for V) were attached with ropes at the aft ship. The DGTs were kept at the seawater surface by buoys. The wreck also dragged 3 canisters each of them containing 3 SPMD and 3 POCIS for the measurement of apolar and polar organic contaminants. All the samplers were retrieved before the wreck entered the harbor of Genoa, in order to avoid contamination. The background was achieved by attaching the same passive samplers to a sailboat that preceded the wreck. The experiment for the first time provided information on the average concentration of trace metals in a wide area of the Western Mediterranean. Besides, this work discusses the possibility of using DGT for spatial measures of contaminants in seawater, even through the use of instrumentation installed on board of commercial ferries, such as the Ferrybox.
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