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Titolo: Iscrizioni funerarie e relazioni familiari nella Sardegna romana
Data di pubblicazione: In stampa
Abstract: Through the method developed in 1984 by R. P. Saller and B. D. Shaw the evidence present in approximately 510 funerary inscriptions of Roman Sardinia, datable between the first and third century AD, is examined to try verifying which family relationships at that time in the island were considered enough significant to deserve the realization of an inscribed tombstone by people who could afford the costs of such a monument. In order to make clear the differences within the island, besides Sardinian overall data, are also proposed the results of three local samples likewise composed of family relationships present in funerary inscriptions; two of them pertain to coastal towns (Karales and Turris Libisonis) and the third to some inland territories more marked by a rural horizon. Despite the fact that the analysis detects the occurrence of peculiar features both in Sardinia as a whole and in the local samples, the overall picture seems that of an island fully integrated in the context of contemporary western Mediterranean.
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