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Titolo: Elastic wave propagation and stop-band generation in strongly damaged solids
Data di pubblicazione: 2014
Abstract: In this work, we study the propagation of elastic waves in elongated solids with an array of equallyspaced deep transverse cracks, focusing in particular on the determination of stop-bands. We consider solids with different types of boundary conditions and different lengths, and we show that the eigenfrequencies associated with non-localized modes lie within the pass-bands of the corresponding infinite periodic system, provided that the solids are long enough. In the stop-bands, instead, eigenfrequencies relative to localized modes may be found. Furthermore, we use an asymptotic reduced model, whereby the cracked solid is approximated by a beam with elastic connections. This model allows to derive the dynamic properties of damaged solids through analytical methods. By comparing the theoretical dispersion curves yielded by the asymptotic reduced model with the numerical outcomes obtained from finite element computations, we observe that the asymptotic reduced model provides a better fit to the numerical data as the slenderness ratio increases. Finally, we illustrate how the limits of the stop-bands vary with the depth of the cracks.
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