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Titolo: La flora del distretto minerario di Montevecchio (Sardegna sud-occidentale)
Data di pubblicazione: 2007
Abstract: A contribution to the knowledge of the flora of the mining district of Montevecchio is reported, focussing on the plants colonizing highly polluted substrata, produced or altered by the mining activity. In the present survey, 373 taxonomic units have been recorded, ranking as follows: 332 species, 36 subspecies, 3 varieties, 2 hybrids. On old racking basins and dumps, 192 taxa have been recorded: 170 species, 20 subspecies, 1 variety, 1 hybrid. Further 181 taxa (162 species, 16 subspecies, 2 varieties, and 1 hybrid) are missing on racking basins and dumps, but grow, however, in the nearby areas. The surveyed taxa belong to 73 families and 252 genera, but only 53 families and 146 genera are represented on racking basins and mining dumps. The top three families are: Asteraceae (42 taxa, 11,3% of the total), Fabaceae (36 taxa, 9.7%) and Poaceae (28 taxa, 7.5%). The top three genera are: Trifolium and Ophrys (8 taxa), followed by Euphorbia (6 taxa). The biological spectrum highlights the remarkable Mediterranean connotation of the investigated district, being the therophytes 42,1% of the whole flora, followed by the hemicryptophytes (22,5%). The chorologic spectrum is dominated by the Mediterranean chorotype (56.6%), including circum-Mediterranean (39.4%), W-Mediterranean (8.0%) and endemic taxa (7.2%). Further 22.3% of the surveyed taxa have a wider distribution range, but centered, however, in the Mediterranean region. As concerns the endemics, 26 taxa have been found, of which 21 species and 5 subspecies. Asteraceae and Scrophulariaceae resulted the richest in endemic taxa (3 units each). Most of the recorded endemics have a Tyrrhenian-insular distribution; with reference to the biogeographic units of the Mediterranean region, they belong to the Italo-Tyrrhenian superprovince.
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