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Titolo: Cutaneous delivery of 8-methoxypsoralen from liposomal and niosomal carriers
Data di pubblicazione: 2006
Abstract: This work describes the preparation, characterization and properties of niosomal and liposomal carriers for the topical application of 8-methoxypsoralen (8-MOP). Large multilamellar (MLV) and sonicated unilamellar (UV) vesicular systems were prepared from either non-ionic surfactant octyl/decyl polyglucoside (Oramix CG110) or hydrogenated soy phosphatidylcholine (Phospholipon 90H), cholesterol and a positive or negative charge inducer. The formulations were characterized using transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and Cryo-TEM, dynamic light scattering, incorporation efficiency and diffusion experiments through a silicone membrane. The effects of the vesicular incorporation on the 8-MOP diffusion through and into the skin were investigated in vitro using newborn pig skin. Statistical analysis of the data showed that all the vesicular carriers increased the total 8-MOP permeation through the skin when compared to a control hydroalcoholic solution. Moreover, the amount of drug delivered into the skin was affected by the size and surface charge of the vesicles. Indeed. sonicated, positively charged octyl/decyl polyglucoside niosomes showed the greatest accumulation of 8-MOP in the skin (epidermis and dermis). These results suggest that our niosomes and liposomes may be suitable carriers in an 8-MOP cutaneous target.
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