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Titolo: The endemic vascular flora of Peloritani Mountains (NE Sicily): Plant functional traits and phytogeographical relationships in the most isolated and fragmentary micro-plate of the Alpine orogeny
Data di pubblicazione: 2014
Abstract: This study is aimed at (1) producing a complete and updated inventory of the endemic vascular flora of Peloritani Mountains, (2) defining the geographical limits of Peloritani, regarded here as a biogeographical district and (3) highlighting possible paleogeographic connections with other Mediterranean lands. The heterogeneity analysis of the endemic flora was performed by means of contingency tables, through the x 2 test. The endemic flora of this area consists of 129 specific and infraspecific taxa, of which 15 are restricted to the Peloritani Mountains. The analysis of habitats revealed that endemic taxa are most abundant on cliffs, rangelands, woods and garrigues. A large number of surveyed taxa are endemic to central-southern Italy and Sicily, while the number of endemic taxa in common with Calabria, Etna and Aeolian Islands turned out to be rather low, in spite of the geographical proximity. The endemic flora of Peloritani allows to emphasize palaeogeographical relationships not only with the neighbouring Mediterranean territories, but also with currently remote ones, such as southern Spain, Sardinia and Corsica. The phytogeographical framework substantiates the hypothesis that the Peloritani floristic district coincides with the limit given to Peloritani Mountains by structural geologists.
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