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Titolo: WDBPALEO 1.0: database per la raccolta di dati paleo-climatologici
Data di pubblicazione: 2013
Abstract: The study was developed as part of the "Project of Strategic Interest - PNR 2011-2013 NextData." The project provides for the creation of a national system for the collection, preservation, accessibility and dissemination of environmental and climate data. A specific database has been developed for the collection of paleo-climatological data from ice cores extracted from glaciers in non-polar and marine sediment cores. The storage structure of the data is based on the architecture of WDB (Water and Weather Database System), a database developed by the Norwegian Meteorological Centre. The choice of WDB has been driven by the fact that this product is released under the GNU General Public License and therefore fully configurable, customizable, and distributed. Moreover, it has been developed into PostgreSQL/PostGIS and allows to record hydro-meteorological data as point and grid-like formats. In the first phase of the project, the database WDB has been modified to input data from high altitudes meteorological stations in Nepal, Pakistan, Africa and Italy. Moreover, the need to have a tested database able to contain data of different nature has led to the modification of the program source to store of data of different nature and with temporal extension unlimited.
ISBN: 978-88-903132-8-8
Tipologia:4.1 Contributo in Atti di convegno

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