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Titolo: Caratterizzazione spettrale delle aree interessate da salinizzazione nel bacino del Oued Biskra in Algeria a supporto delle politiche di gestione dell'acqua nell'ambito del progetto WADIS-MAR
Data di pubblicazione: 2013
Abstract: The study is part of the project activities WADIS -MAR, a demonstration project funded by the European Commission through the Sustainable Water Integrated Management (SWIM) Programme The overall objective is to achieve an integrated system of aquifer recharg , also based on the enhancement of the traditional methods of water harvesting in two areas of the region of the Maghreb in Algeria and Tunisia. One of the strong local interest is the phenomenon of salinization of soils , characteristic of arid and semiarid climatic regions and particularly felt by local communities as a limit for agriculture. The understanding of the dynamics related to the phenomenon is strongly connected to the knowledge of the geological environment in the broadest sense and therefore the availability of thematic mapping and integration of these aspects with the use of the soil. In the area of Oued Biskra in Algeria geological data are not available with the thematic and spatial detail necessary for the planning of interventions and therefore were acquired remotely sensed data intended for the preparation of maps updated and evolution over time of land cover and geology. Based on this initial information a methodology of investigation into the phenomenon of salinization was developed, based on the spectral characterization of the salt crusts by processing of remotely sensed data. The first result is the mapping of the distribution of salt crusts according to a Decision Tree classifier compared with the land cover classification on the basis of CORINE Land Cover methodology.
ISBN: 978-88-903132-8-8
Tipologia:4.1 Contributo in Atti di convegno

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