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Titolo: Residues of azoxystrobin, fenhexamid and pyrimethanil in strawberry following field treatments and the effect of domestic washing
Data di pubblicazione: 2004
Abstract: Residues of the pesticides azoxystrobin, fenhexamid and pyrimethanil were determined in strawberry after field treatment. The effect of ‘home’ washing with tap water and a commercially available vegetable detergent on residue levels was also studied. After treatment, azoxystrobin and pyrimethanil residues on strawberry were on average 0.55 and 2.98 mg kg−1, respectively, values below the maximum residue level (MRL) fixed by the European Union (2.0 and 5 mg kg−1, respectively), while fenhexamid residues were on average 2.99 mg kg−1, which is very close to the MRL of 3.0 mg kg−1, but some samples were over the MRL. Thereafter, all residues declined, with a half-life of about 8 days (azoxystrobin and fenhexamid) and 4.8 days (pyrimethanil). Washing the fruit with tap water reduced the residues of azoxystrobin and fenhexamid but did not affect pyrimethanil residues. Finally, when fruits were washed with a commercial detergent, greater amounts were removed (about 45% of azoxystrobin and pyrimethanil and 60% of fenhexamid).
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