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Control of postharvest diseases caused by Penicillium spp. with myrtle leaf phenolic extracts: in vitro and in vivo study on mandarin fruit during storage2021Fadda, Angela; Sarais, Giorgia; Lai, Carla; Sale, Luana; Mulas, MaurizioJOURNAL OF THE SCIENCE OF FOOD AND AGRICULTURE
Smart Nanofibers with Natural Extracts Prevent Senescence Patterning in a Dynamic Cell Culture Model of Human Skin2020Bellu, E.; Garroni, G.; Cruciani, S.; Balzano, F.; Serra, D.; Satta, R.; Montesu, M. A.; Fadda, A....; Mulas, M.; Sarais, G.; Bandiera, P.; Torreggiani, E.; Martini, F.; Tognon, M.; Ventura, C.; Beznoska, J.; Amler, E.; Maioli, M.CELLS
From waste to health: sustainable exploitation of grape pomace seed extract to manufacture antioxidant, regenerative and prebiotic nanovesicles within circular economy2020Manca, M. L.; Casula, E.; Marongiu, F.; Bacchetta, G.; Sarais, G.; Zaru, M.; Escribano-Ferrer, E....; Peris, J. E.; Usach, I.; Fais, S.; Scano, A.; Orru, G.; Maroun, R. G.; Fadda, A. M.; Manconi, M.SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
Fibroblast proliferation and migration in wound healing by phytochemicals: Evidence for a novel synergic outcome2020Addis, R.; Cruciani, S.; Santaniello, S.; Bellu, E.; Sarais, G.; Ventura, C.; Maioli, M.; Pintore..., G.INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MEDICAL SCIENCES
Come to light: detailed analysis of thermally treated Phenyl modified Carbon Nitride Polymorphs for bright phosphors in lighting applications2020Porcu, S.; Roppolo, I.; Salaun, M.; Sarais, G.; Barbarossa, S.; Casula, M. F.; Carbonaro, C. M.; ...Ricci, P. C.APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE
Influence of the technological process on the biochemical composition of fresh roe and bottarga from liza ramada and mugil cephalus2020Corrias, F.; Atzei, A.; Giglioli, A.; Pasquini, V.; Cau, A.; Addis, P.; Sarais, G.; Angioni, A.FOODS
Chemical composition and in vitro bioactivity of essential oil obtained from the flavedo of ‘Pompia’, an ancient Sardinian fruit2019Rosa, Antonella; Nieddu, Mariella; Petretto, Giacomo Luigi; Sarais, GiorgiaJOURNAL OF ESSENTIAL OIL RESEARCH
New insights into the antioxidant and anticancer activity of essential oil obtained from the flavedo of “Pompia”, an ancient Sardinian fruit2019Rosa, A.; Nieddu, M.; Petretto, G. L.; Sarais, G.
Extracts from Myrtle Liqueur Processing Waste Modulate Stem Cells Pluripotency under Stressing Conditions2019Cruciani, S.; Santaniello, S.; Fadda, A.; Sale, L.; Sarais, G.; Sanna, D.; Mulas, M.; Ginesu, G. ...C.; Cossu, M. L.; Serra, P. A.; Ventura, C.; Maioli, M.BIOMED RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL
Myrtus polyphenols, from antioxidants to anti-inflammatory molecules: Exploring a network involving cytochromes P450 and Vitamin D2019Cruciani, Sara; Santaniello, Sara; Garroni, Giuseppe; Fadda, Angela; Balzano, Francesca; Bellu, E...manuela; Sarais, Giorgia; Fais, Giacomo; Mulas, Maurizio; Maioli, MargheritaMOLECULES
LC-ESI/LTQOrbitrap/MS based metabolomics in analysis of Myrtus communis leaves from Sardinia (Italy)2019D'Urso, Gilda; Montoro, Paola; Lai, Carla; Piacente, Sonia; Sarais, GiorgiaINDUSTRIAL CROPS AND PRODUCTS
Phytocomplexes extracted from grape seeds and stalks delivered in phospholipid vesicles tailored for the treatment of skin damages2019Manca, Maria Letizia; Firoznezhad, Mohammad; Caddeo, Carla; Marongiu, Francesca; Escribano-Ferrer..., Elvira; Sarais, Giorgia; Peris, Josè Esteban; Usach, Iris; Zaru, Marco; Manconi, Maria; Fadda, Anna MariaINDUSTRIAL CROPS AND PRODUCTS
Catalytic Tandem Friedel–Crafts Alkylation/C4–C3 Ring-Contraction Reaction: An Efficient Route for the Synthesis of Indolyl Cyclopropanecarbaldehydes and Ketones2019Francesca, Turnu; Luridiana, Alberto; Cocco, Andrea; Porcu, Stefania; Frongia, Angelo; Sarais, Gi...orgia; Secci, FrancescoORGANIC LETTERS
Sea salts flavored with Mediterranean herbs and fruits prevent cholesterol and phospholipid membrane oxidation and cell free radical generation2018Rosa, Antonella; Putzu, Danilo; Atzeri, Angela; Marincola, Flaminia Cesare; Sarais, GiorgiaEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF LIPID SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY
Sediments distribution of trace metals in a coastal lagoon (Southern Sardinia, Mediterranean Sea): assessment of contamination and ecological risk2018Atzori, Giulia; Aru, Violetta; Cesare Marincola, Flaminia; Chiarantini, Laura; Medas, Daniela; Sa...rais, Giorgia; Cabiddu, SerenellaCHEMISTRY IN ECOLOGY
Acid-catalyzed synthesis of functionalized arylthio cyclopropane carbaldehydes and ketones2018Porcu, Stefania; Luridiana, Alberto; Martis, Alberto; Frongia, Angelo; Sarais, Giorgia; Aitken, D...avid J.; Boddaert, Thomas; Guillot, Regis; Secci, FrancescoCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Disfiguring Leukoderma Caused by Banned Cosmetics: A Quiz2018Atzori, Laura; Zanniello, Ramona; Sarais, Giorgia; Piras, Viviana; Pilloni, Luca; Zucca, Myriam; ...Brundu, Maria Angela; Rongioletti, FrancoACTA DERMATO-VENEREOLOGICA
Brønsted Acid Mediated Cascade Reaction to Access 3-(2-Bromoethyl)benzofurans2018Porcu, Stefania; Demuro, Stefania; Luridiana, Alberto; Cocco, Andrea; Frongia, Angelo; Aitken, Da...vid J.; Charnay-Pouget, Florence; Guillot, Regis; Sarais, Giorgia; Secci, FrancescoORGANIC LETTERS
LC-MS based metabolomics study of different parts of myrtle’s berry from Sardinia (Italy)2017D’Urso, Gilda; Sarais, Giorgia; Lai, Carla; Pizza, Cosimo; Montoro, PaolaJOURNAL OF BERRY RESEARCH
Acid-catalyzed reaction of 2-hydroxycyclobutanone with benzylic alcohols2017Martis, Alberto; Luridiana, Alberto; Frongia, Angelo; Arca, Massimiliano; Sarais, Giorgia; Aitken..., David J.; Guillot, Regis; Secci, FrancescoORGANIC & BIOMOLECULAR CHEMISTRY
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