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Evidence that the increased anxiety detected in the elevated plus-maze during chlordiazepoxide withdrawal is not due to enhanced noradrenergic activity1989Baldwin, H.A; Hitchcott, P.K.; File, S.E.PHARMACOLOGY BIOCHEMISTRY AND BEHAVIOR
Flumazenil but not nitrendipine reverses the increased anxiety during ethanol withdrawal in the rat1989File, S. E.; Baldwin, H. A.; Hitchcott, PAUL KENNETHPSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY
Characterisation of the phenomenon of "one-trial tolerance" to the anxiolytic effect of chlordiazepoxide in the elevated plus-maze1990File, S. E.; Mabbutt, P. S.; Hitchcott, PAUL KENNETHPSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY
The use of flumazenil in prevention of Diazepam dependence in the rat1990Baldwin, H.A; Hitchcott, P.K.; File, S.E.HUMAN PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY
A theory of benzodiazepine dependence that can explain whether flumazenil will enhance or reverse the phenomena1990File, Sandra E.; Hitchcott, Paul K.PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY
Chronic diazepam treatment in rats causes long-lasting changes in central [3H]-5-hydroxytryptamine and [14C]-y-aminobutyric acid release1990Hitchcott, P.K; File, S. E; Ekwuru, M.; Neal, M.J.BRITISH JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY
Concurrent treatment with verapamil prevents diazepam withdrawapl-induced anxiety, in the absence of altered calcium flux in cortical synaptosomes1992Hitchcott, PAUL KENNETH; Zharkovsky, A; File, S. E.NEUROPHARMACOLOGY
Effects of nitrendipine, chlordiazepoxide, flumazenil and baclofen on the increased anxiety resulting from alcohol withdrawal1992File, SE; Zharkovsky, A; Hitchcott, PKPROGRESS IN NEURO-PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY & BIOLOGICAL PSYCHIATRY
Repeated d-amphetamine enhances stimulated mesoamygdaloid dopamine transmission1997Harmer, C. J; Hitchcott, PAUL KENNETH; Morutto, S. l; Phillips, G. D.PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY
Enhanced stimulus-reward learning by intra-amygdala administration of a D3 dopamine receptor agonist1997Hitchcott, PAUL KENNETH; Bonardi, C. M. T.; Phillips, G. D.PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY
Amygdala and hippocampus control dissociable aspects of drug-associated conditioned rewards1997Hitchcott, PAUL KENNETH; Phillips, G. D.PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY
Enhanced acquisition of discriminative approach following intra-amygdala d-amphetamine1997Hitchcott, Paul K.; Harmer, Catherine J.; Phillips, G. D.PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY
Double dissociation of the behavioural effects of R(+) 7-OH-DPAT infusions in the central and basolateral amygdala nuclei upon Pavlovian and instrumental conditioned appetitive behaviours1998Hitchcott, PAUL KENNETH; Phillips, G. D.PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY
Effects of intra-amygdala R(+) 7-OH-DPAT on intra-accumbens d- amphetamine-associated learning II. Instrumental conditioning1998Hitchcott, PAUL KENNETH; Phillips, Gavin D.PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY
Effects of intra-amygdala R(+) 7-OH-DPAT on intra-accumbens d- amphetamine-associated learning I. Pavlovian conditionin1998Hitchcott, PAUL KENNETH; Phillips, GdPSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY
Alpha-2 adrenergic receptor agonists block stress-induced reinstatement of cocaine seeking2000Erb, Suzanne; Hitchcott, Paul K.; Rajabi, Heshmat; Mueller, Devin; Shaham, Yavin; Stewart, JaneNEUROPSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY
Blockade of sensitisation-induced facilitation of appetitive conditioning by post-session intra-amygdala nafadotride2002Phillips, G.D; Harmer, C.J.; Hitchcott, P.K.BEHAVIOURAL BRAIN RESEARCH
Isolation rearing-induced facilitation of Pavlovian learning: Abolition by postsession intra-amygdala nafadotride2002Phillips, G.D; Harmer, C.J; Hitchcott, P.KPHYSIOLOGY & BEHAVIOR
Immunohistochemical assessment of mesotelencephalic dopamine activity during the acquisition and expression of Pavlovian versus instrumental behaviours2003Phillips, G.D; Setzu, E.; Vugler, A.; Hitchcott, P.K.NEUROSCIENCE
An immunohistochemical examination of the effects of sensitisation on the mesotelencephalic dopaminergic response to d-amphetamine2003Phillips, G.D; Setzu, E.; Vugler, A.; Hitchcott, P.K.NEUROSCIENCE
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