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TitoloData di pubblicazioneAutore(i)RivistaEditore
Effects of controlled-release formulations of atypical antipsychotics on functioning and quality of life of schizophrenic individuals.2012Ruiu S; Casu MA; Casu G; Piras S; Marchese GEXPERT OPINION ON PHARMACOTHERAPY
Antinociceptive activity of Delta(9)-tetrahydrocannabinol non-ionic microemulsions2010LAZZARI P; FADDA P; MARCHESE G; CASU GL; PANI LINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICS
A comparison of continuous subcutaneous paliperidone infusion and repeated subcutaneous injection of risperidone free-base in rats2010MARCHESE G; PITTAU B; CASU G; PEDDIO G; SPADA GP; PIRA M; DERIU A; PORTESANI; F; PISU C; LAZZARI ...P; PANI LEUROPEAN PSYCHIATRY
Expected clinical benefits of paliperidone extended-release formulation when compared with risperidone immediate-release2009PANI L; MARCHESE GEXPERT OPINION ON DRUG DELIVERY
Evaluation of amphetamine-induced hyperlocomotion and catalepsy following long-acting risperidone administration in rats2009MARCHESE G; CASU G; CASTI P; SPADA GP; PANI LEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY
Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol differently affects striatal c-Fos expression following haloperidol or clozapine administration. Eur J Pharmacol. 2008 Nov 19;598(1-3):16-202008MARCHESE G; SANNA A; CASU G; CASTI P; SPADA GP; RUIU S; PANI LEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY
Antipsychotic efficacy: relationship to optimal D2-receptor occupancy2007PANI L; PIRA L; MARCHESE GEUROPEAN PSYCHIATRY
Imbalance towards inhibition as a substrate of aging-associated cognitive impairment2006WONG TP; MARCHESE G; CASU MA; RIBEIRO-DA-SILVA A; CUELLO AC; DE KONINCK YNEUROSCIENCE LETTERS
Evaluation of tamsulosin and alfuzosin activity in the rat vas deferens: relevance to ejaculation delays. 2005TAMBARO S; RUIU S; DESSI C; MONGEAU R; MARCHESE G; PANI LJOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY AND EXPERIMENTAL THERAPEUTICS
Blockade of neurotensin receptors affects differently hypo-locomotion and catalepsy induced by haloperidol in mice2004CASTI P; MARCHESE G; CASU G; RUIU S; PANI LNEUROPHARMACOLOGY
The cerebellar GABAA alpha6 subunit is differentially modulated by chronic ethanol exposure in normal (R100R) and mutated (Q100Q) sNP rats2004Sanna A; Congeddu E; Saba L; Porcella A; Marchese G; Ruiu S; Casti P; Saba P; Pani LBRAIN RESEARCH
Haloperidol versus risperidone on rat "early onset" vacuous chewing2004MARCHESE G; BARTHOLINI F; CASU MA; RUIU S; CASTI P; CONGEDDU E; TAMBARO S; PANI LBEHAVIOURAL BRAIN RESEARCH
Ritanserin counteracts both rat vacuous chewing movements and nigro-striatal tyrosine hydroxylase-immunostaining alterations induced by haloperidol2004MARCHESE G; BARTHOLINI F; RUIU S; CASTI P; CASU GL; PANI LEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY
Synthesis and characterization of NESS 0327: a novel putative antagonist of the CB1 cannabinoid receptor2003RUIU S; PINNA GA; MARCHESE G; MUSSINU JM; SABA P; TAMBARO S; CASTI P; VARGIU; R; PANI LJOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY AND EXPERIMENTAL THERAPEUTICS
Differential distribution of functional cannabinoid CB1 receptors in the mouse gastroenteric tract2003Casu M A; Porcella A; Ruiu S; Saba P; Marchese G; Carai M A; Reali R; Gessa G L; Pani LEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY
Haloperidol, but not clozapine, produces dramatic catalepsy in delta9-THC-treated rats: possible clinical implications2003Marchese G; Casti P; Ruiu S; Saba P; Sanna A; Casu G; Pani LBRITISH JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY
Characterization of wild-type (R100R) and mutated (Q100Q) GABA(A) alpha(6) subunit in Sardinian alcohol non-preferring rats (sNP)2003Sanna A; Congeddu E; Porcella A; Saba L; Pistis M; Peis M; Marchese G; Ruiu S; Lobina C; Grayson ...DR; Gessa GL; Pani LBRAIN RESEARCH
In vitro evidence for the presence of [3H]-haloperidol uptake in rat brain2003Ruiu S; Marchese G; Saba P; Satta R; Gessa G; Vaccari A; Pani LBRITISH JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY
Molecular characterization of new polymorphisms at the beta2, alpha1, gamma2 GABA(A) receptor subunit genes associated to a rat nonpreferring ethanol phenotype2003CONGEDDU E; SABA L; PORCELLA A; SANNA A; MARCHESE G; LOBINA C; GESSA GL; PANI LMOLECULAR BRAIN RESEARCH
Carmoxirole is able to reduce amisulpride-induced hyperprolactinemia without affecting its central effect2002Marchese G; Ruiu S; Casti P; Bartholini F; Saba P; Gessa G L; Pani LEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY
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