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Density profiles of biological specimens from Tiff files1991DIAZ G; DIANA A; SETZU M; MARCHI A; ANEDDA ACOMPUTER METHODS AND PROGRAMS IN BIOMEDICINE
ANALYSE DE FOURIER DE LA FORME DE LA FEUILLE DE VIGNE. Premiere application ampelométrique sur un echantillon de 34 cèpages emplantés en Sardaigne - Journal International des Sciences de la Vigne et de du Vin1991DIAZ G; SETZU M. D.; DIANA A; LOI C; DE MARTIS B; PALA M. AND BOSELLI M
Analyse de Fourier de la forme de la feuille de vigne. Premier application ampelometrique sur un chantillon de 34 cépage implantés en Sardaigne1991Diaz G; Setzu M; Diana A; Loi M C; De Martis B; Pala M; Boselli MJOURNAL INTERNATIONAL DES SCIENCES DE LA VIGNE ET DU VIN
Neuronal changes involved in 'programmed cell death' in superior cervical ganglion of newborn rats1992DIAZ G; SETZU M. D.; SIRIGU S. AND DIANA A
Involuzione morfologica neuronale nel periodo post-natale1992DIAZ G; SETZU M. D.; SIRIGU S. AND DIANA A
Karalis: an interactive karyotype analysis system1993DIAZ G; SETZU M. D.; SIRIGU S; CAPPAI C; DIANA A
Nuclear patterns of apoptotic and developing neurons of superior cervical ganglion of newborn rat1993DIANA A; SETZU MD; SIRIGU S; DIAZ GINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF DEVELOPMENTAL NEUROSCIENCE
GAP-43 immunohistochemistry in human trigeminal ganglion and subnucleus caudalis at different life stages1994Quartu M; Priestley JV; Lai ML; Setzu MD; Del Fiacco M
GAP-43 persists in adulthood and coexists with SP and CGRP in human trigeminal sensory neurones1994Del Fiacco M; Quartu M; Priestley JV; Setzu MD; Lai MLNEUROREPORT
Neuronal damage induced by GP120 and CD4 antisense in human fetal brain cultures1994ENNAS M. G; SOGOS V; JARANOWSKA A; SETZU M. D.; MELONI A. AND GREMO F
Effect of gp120 and CD4 antisense on human fetal brain cultures1995ENNAS M. G; SETZU M. D.; PIRAS B; SOGOS V. AND GREMO F
Nuclear pattern recognition by two-parameter texture analysis1996Diaz G; Cappai C; Setzu M D; Diana ACOMPUTER METHODS AND PROGRAMS IN BIOMEDICINE
trk-like immunoreactivity in the human trigeminal ganglion and subnucleus caudalis1996Quartu M; Setzu MD; Del Fiacco MNEUROREPORT
Deblurring and 3D-like rendering of light microscope images1996DIAZ G; SETZU MD; DIANA A; ZUCCA A; ENNAS MG; NIEDDU MMICROSCOPY RESEARCH AND TECHNIQUE
Nuclear dyes and cytoplasmic staining1997DIAZ G; DIANA A; SETZU D; SOGOS V; ZUCCA ACYTOMETRY
ATP synthesis takes place in different segments of the same mitochondrion1997SETZU M. D.; ZUCCA A; DIANA A; SOGOS V. AND DIAZ G
Elliptic Fourier descriptors of cell and nuclear shapes1997DIAZ G; SETZU M.D.; SIRIGU S.; CAPPAI C.; DIANA A.Cambridge University Press
Chromatin pattern by variogram analysis1997DIAZ G; ZUCCA A; SETZU M. D.; CAPPAI CMICROSCOPY RESEARCH AND TECHNIQUE
The efficiency of in-situ hybridization on human chromosomes with alphoid DNAs is enhanced by previous digestion with AluI and TaqI1999Nieddu M; Rossino R; Pichiri G; Rocchi M; Setzu MD; Mezzanotte RCHROMOSOME RESEARCH
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