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Nell’ambito del programma Visiting Professor/Scientist 2019, finanziato dalla LR 7/2007 della Regione Autonoma della Sardegna, il Prof. Raffaele Mezzenga (Department of Health Sciences & Technology & Department of Materials, ETH Zürich, Switzerland) terrà un seminario dal titolo

Storing and Using Cryogenic Liquid Water in Lipidic Mesophases

Il seminario avrà luogo il

7 ottobre 2020 dalle ore 11.0

sulla piattaforma Teams al seguente link:

Non è previsto un test finale per il riconoscimento di CFU.

Qui di seguito, l’abstract del seminario:

Water is a ubiquitous liquid with unique physico-chemical properties, whose nature has shaped our planet and life as we know it. Water in restricted geometries has different properties than in bulk. Confinement can prevent low-temperature crystallization of the molecules into a hexagonal structure, thus creating a state of amorphous water. Elucidating this behaviour in the presence of nanoconfining lipidic membranes is essential to understanding survival of life at sub-zero temperature. In this talk, I will discuss how the unique liquid-crystalline features of some lipid mesophases enable maintenance of liquid water down to -120°C and amorphous water down to -263°C, i.e. a few degrees only above the absolute zero temperature, due solely to nanoconfinement, and I will provide a few examples on how this liquid water can give access to unique biochemical reactions. The combination of experiments and Molecular Dynamics Simulations, unveils a complex lipid/water phase diagram, in which bicontinuous cubic and lamellar liquid crystalline phases containing sub-zero liquid, glassy, or ice water emerge as a competition between the two components, each pushing towards its thermodynamically favoured state.

credits | accessibilità Università degli Studi di Cagliari
C.F.: 80019600925 - P.I.: 00443370929
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