Mag 222019


nei giorni 23 e 28 Maggio 2019

la Prof.ssa Bacaita Elena Simona, Department of Physics, “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi

terrà un ciclo di seminari
Nonlinear dynamics in complex systems. Applications in drug release systems”

secondo il seguente calendario:

Data Orario Aula Breve Descrizone
Giovedì 23 Maggio 11-13 Aula 110, Blocco A Lecture 1 (2 hrs): Complex systems. Scale Relativity Theory •Basic concepts: scale relativity, self-organization, nonlinear dynamics, fractality, fractal curves.
Martedì 28 Maggio 11-13 Aula 112,
Blocco A
Lecture 2 (2 hrs): Application of Scale Relativity Theory (SRT) in drug release process. •  The results of application of SRT in drug release from microparticles [1] and hydrogels [2, 3] based on chitosan.

I seminari sono aperti a tutti gli studenti e ricercatori interessati.

Per ragioni organizzative coloro che fossero interessati a partecipare sono cortesemente invitati a manifestare il proprio interesse alla Prof.ssa Mocci tramite email:

Complex systems are defined as finite systems that includes a high number of components that interact with each other and have the ability to generate a new type of macroscopic collective behaviour, with spontaneous formation of new temporal and spatial structures. The classical physical models, build in order to describe the evolution of the complex systems, usually use assumptions intended to simplify the mathematical calculation.
Drug deliverysystems (DDS), based on polymer matrices in different forms (micro/nanoparticles, micro/nanocapsules, hydrogels, films) can be considered complex systems since they are finite systems, with a high number of particles and a multitude of interdependent phenomena occurring. Numerous studies have been performed on DDS in order to identify the theoretical model that describes best the time dependence of drug release efficiency; this is a very important characteristic, intensively studied, both experimentally and theoretically, since the concentration of the released drug must be in the therapeutic window, i. e. above the minumum concentration to produce the desired effects and below the toxic barrier. Many papers show how various factors, such as polymer molecular weight, monomers ratios in polymer, pH of release media, particle size affect the release kinetics. At the same time, physical phenomena, such as polymer swelling and degradation, drug dissolution and diffusion appear simultaneously in the release process. To take into consideration all the phenomena will be very difficult in the classical physics, therefore an alternative to the classical approach is the Scale Relativity Theory (SRT), which apply to complex systems and deals with concepts like scale relativity, self-organization, nonlinear dynamics.
This seminar cycle will present the basic concepts of Scale Relativity Theory and its applications to drug release systems.

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