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Titolo: Conservazione ex situ e in situ della biodiversità vegetale dell’Area Marina Protetta di Capo Carbonara (Sardegna sud-orientale)
Data di pubblicazione: 2007
Abstract: The first results of the project “Plant Biodiversity Conservation in the Protected Marine Area of Capo Carbonara (PMA)” are illustrated. This initiative, promoted by the CCB and the Municipality of Villasimius (CA), was funded for three-year period (2005/07) by the Ministry of the Environment and Territory protection. The project provides the study, monitoring and conservation of the coastal habitat, principally on all the Sites of Communitary Importance (pSIC) of the Villasimius Municipality territory, in order to plan a harmonic development between coastal and sea areas unifying the environmental protection secured by the PMA with that relatives to the Natura 2000 network. During the first year there were started ecological, floristic-sociological and chorological studies, in order to value the actual state of conservation and have a possibility to propose adequate measures for a sustainable management. In order to guarantee the effective plant biodiversity conservation, the following ex situ actions have been made: collection, study and conservation for a long time of the seed of selected species in the structures of the Sardinian Seed Bank (BG-SAR), according to international procedures and protocols. At the end of the first year the seed harvest was completed relatively to all the species with a greater risk of extinction. The project provides also actions directed to sensitize the population, local and non, on the thematics of the conservation and the sustainable development of the territory.
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