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Titolo: Light, temperature, dry after-ripening and salt stress effects on seed germination of Phleum sardoum (Hackel) Hackel
Data di pubblicazione: 2014
Abstract: Phleum sardoum is an endemic psammophilous species of Sardinia, growing exclusively on coastal sandy dunes. The presence of glumes on seed germination, germination requirements at constant (5-25°C) and alternating (25/10°C) temperatures, both in the light (12/12 h) and in the dark, the effect of a dry after-ripening period (90 days at 25°C), the salt stress effect (0-600 mM NaCl) and its recovery on seed germination were evaluated. The presence of glumes reduced final germination percentages. For fresh naked seeds, high germination percentages were observed at 10°C. Dry after-ripening increased germination rate at low temperatures, but did not affect final germination percentages. NaCl determined a secondary salt-induced dormancy which recovery interrupted only partially. Our results highlighted that this species has its optimum of germination during autumn-winter when, under a Mediterranean climate, water availability is highest, the dry summer period far and soil salinity levels are minimal
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