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Titolo: Investigating multifaceted impacts of invasive alien species on Sardinian ecosystems: from ecology to neuroscience
Data di pubblicazione: 2018
Abstract: The invasion capacity of allochthonous species depends primarily upon their bio-ecological traits, but also upon the vulnerability of the recipient ecosystems, which in turn depends on the attributes of local biodiversity and the integrity of ecosystem functions. Sardinia, as an Island, is putatively highly vulnerable to the effects of biological invasions. Accordingly, in the last 20 years, several ecosystems of Sardinia have faced a progressive increase in the number of IAS. The project “Impact of Invasive Alien Species on Sardinian ecosystems”, by means of a multidisciplinary approach is tackling two main objectives: 1) the study of presence, distribution and life traits of a selection of allochthonous species (with focus on fish, marine algae and invertebrates, and terrestrial plants) that have invaded Sardinian ecosystems; 2) the analysis of their impacts on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning of the invaded ecosystems, along with fish neurological effects of biomolecules associated with invasive algae. We will illustrate the current results obtained dealing with the consequences of invasive plants on the local biodiversity, the biogeochemical modifications induced by an invasive marine alga (Caulerpa cylindracea) and its attempted eradication, the effects of an invasive shrimp (Procambarus clarkii) on the sedimentary biogeochemistry of a protected wetland (Stagno di Molentargius, Cagliari). This contribution has been supported by the Fondazione di Sardegna (year 2016) and Regione Sardegna (LR 7/2007) under the project entitled “Impact of Invasive Alien Species on Sardinian ecosystems”
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