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Titolo: Lanthanides stimulate [3H]tyramine binding in the rat striatum
Data di pubblicazione: 1999
Abstract: Low (up to 100 nM) and high (approximately 100 microM) concentrations of lanthanides and Ca2+-ions, respectively, stimulated [3H]tyramine binding ([3H]TY) to rat striatal membranes, a putative marker for the vesicular transporter of dopamine. On the other hand, lanthanides (approximately 100 microM) inhibited or stimulated TY binding in striatal and extrastriatal (cortex, cerebellum) tissues, respectively. The binding increases by lanthanum (La3+) appeared to depend on endogenous Ca2+, whereas, those induced in EDTA-pretreated membranes were Ca2+-independent. The La3+-induced, apparent increase in the Bmax for [3H]TY binding seemed to reflect a retarded rate of dissociation of the ligand from its targets, rather than a larger availability of functionally-relevant, vesicular transport-related TY sites. This indicates uncertain mechanisms of present La3+ effects.
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