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Exploration of the anti-enterovirus activity of a series of pleconaril/pirodavir-like compounds2015Bernard, ANGELA MARIA; Lacroix, Ce´line; Cabiddu, MARIA GRAZIA; Neyts, Johan; Leyssen, Pieter; Po...mpei, RaffaelloANTIVIRAL CHEMISTRY & CHEMOTHERAPY
Synthesis of new compounds with promising antiviral properties against group A and B Human Rhinoviruses2014Bernard A M; Cabiddu M G; De Montis S; Mura R; Pompei RBIOORGANIC & MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY
Synthesis of New Compounds with Promising Antiviral Properties against Group A and B Human Rhinoviruses2013Bernard A; Cabiddu M; De Montis S; Mura R; Pompei RSocietà Chimica Italiana
Are Weinreb Amides True Amides? Preliminary Results by a 13C and 17O NMR Spectroscopic Study2013Bernard A; Cabiddu M; Cerioni G; De Montis S; Fusaro L; Mocci FSocietà Chimica Italiana
Very high stereoselectivity in organocatalyzed desymmetrizing aldol reactions of 3-substituted cyclobutanones2012AITKEN DJ; BERNARD AM; CAPITTA F; FRONGIA A; GUILLOT R; OLLIVIER J; PIRAS PP; SECCI F; SPIGA MORGANIC & BIOMOLECULAR CHEMISTRY
Easy access to trans-2,3-disubstituted cyclobutanones, 2,4,5-trisubstituted 3,6-dihydro-2H-pyrans and cis-substituted phenylcyclopropylsulfones by using the highly versatile 1-phenylsulfenyl- or 1-phenylsulfonyl-cyclopropylketones2009Alberti G; Bernard A; AM; Floris C; Frongia A; Piras PP; Secci F; Spiga MORGANIC & BIOMOLECULAR CHEMISTRY
Synthesis of enantiomerically enriched secondary and tertiary phenylthio- and phenoxy-aldols2008Bernard AM; Frongia A; Piras PP; Secci F; Spiga MTETRAHEDRON LETTERS
L-proline-catalyzed direct intermolecular asymmetric aldol reactions of 1-phenylthiocycloalkyl carboxaldehydes with ketones. Easy access to spiro- and fused-cyclobutyl tetrahydrofurans and cyclopentanones2007Bernard AM; Frongia A; Guillot R; Piras PP; Secci F; Spiga MORGANIC LETTERS
A Highly Stereocontrolled Formal Total Synthesis of (±)- and (-)-Grandisol by 1,4-Conjugated Addition of Organocopper Reagents to Cyclobutylidene Derivatives2007A.M. BERNARD; A. FRONGIA; J. OLLIVIER; P. P. PIRAS; F. SECCI; SPIGA MTETRAHEDRON
Intramolecular capture of a cyclobutylthionium ion for the synthesis of new strained heterocycles and carbocycles: A rapid assembly of the BCD ring sequence of penitrems2006Alberti, G; Bernard, AM; Frongia, A; Piras, PP; Secci, F; Spiga, MSYNLETT
Regioselective Synthesis of Trisubstituted 2,3-Dihydrofurans from Donor−Acceptor Cyclopropanes or from Reaction of the Corey Ylide with α-Sulfenyl-, α-Sulfinyl-, or α-Sulfonylenones2005Bernard, AM; Frongia, A; Piras, PP; Secci, F; Spiga, MORGANIC LETTERS
2,2-Dimethyl cyclopentanones by acid catalyzed ring expansion of isopropenylcyclobutanols. A short synthesis of (+/-)-alpha-cuparenone and (+/-)-herbertene2005Bernard AM; Frongia A; Secci F; Piras PPCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Use of cyclobutyl derivatives as intermediates in the synthesis of 1,2a,3,8b-tetrahydro-2H-cyclobuta[c]chromenes2004Bernard AM; Floris C; Frongia A; Piras PP; Secci FTETRAHEDRON
A new synthesis of alkylidenecyclopropanes by the Julia-Lythgoe-type olefination using sulfones and sulfoxides2004A. M. BERNARD; FRONGIA A; P. P. PIRAS; F. SECCISYNLETT
Unexpected Stereochemistry in the Lithium Salt Catalyzed Ring Expansion of Nonracemic Oxaspiropentanes. Formal Syntheses of (-)-(4R,5R)-Muricatacin and the Pheromone (R) -Japolinure2003A. M. BERNARD; FRONGIA A; P. P. PIRAS; F. SECCIORGANIC LETTERS
Stereospecific palladium(0)-catalyzed reduction of 2-cyclobutylidenepropyl esters. A versatile preparation of diastereoisomeric monoterpenoids: (±)- Fragranol and (±)- Grandisol2003BERNARD A; FRONGIA A; SECCI F; DELOGU G; OLLIVIER J; PIRAS P.P. AND SALAUN JTETRAHEDRON
A new entry to alkylidenecyclopropanes through a Ramberg-Backlund rearrangement of cyclopropylsulfones2003Bernard AM; Frongia A; Piras PPSYNTHETIC COMMUNICATIONS
Metallation reactions. XXXIV. Synthesis of 2-(1-Hydroxy-1-arylethyl)-1,3- benzoxathiol-3-oxide Derivatives2003CABIDDU S; CADONI E; MELIS S; IANNI A; BERNARD A; DE MONTIS S; CABIDDU M.G; FATTUONI C; JANELLI SJOURNAL OF HETEROCYCLIC CHEMISTRY
The first facile synthesis of some 1,2a,3,8b-Tetrahydro-2H-Cyclobuta[c] chromenes through intramolecular alkylation of an aromatic ring by a cyclobutanone2002Bernard A; Floris C; Frongia A; Piras P. PSYNLETT
Synthesis of tertiary cyclobutanols through stereoselective ring expansion of oxaspiropentanes induced by Grignard reagents2000Bernard A; Floris C; Frongia A; Piras P PTETRAHEDRON
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