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Titolo: Deep water red coral from the island of Sardinia (north-western Mediterranean): a local example of sustainable management.
Data di pubblicazione: 2013
Abstract: Since 1979, red coral harvesting in Sardinia has been regulated by regional laws. The regulations, including a minimum take size of 10-mm basal diameter, were imposed to limit and control harvesting. Our study indicated that.75% of the red coral colonies harvested in 2007–08 in the north-western coast were above the legal minimum size for exploitation. Moreover, extensive surveys with remotely operated vehicles allowed us to document the real structure of wild populations. Large colonies (.10 mm) represented a big portion of the population (,38% of the total), suggesting that harvesting effort did not affect yet the maximum size of colonies. All these results seem to be confirmed by the application of the model of Beverton and Holt. This model shows that the fishery of red coral in Sardinia reaches its maximum yield at an age at first capture of 20 years, an age significantly lower than the average age of 30 years calculated for the colonies actually harvested in the Sardinian coast. Our data confirmed that the measures enacted in the Sardinian regulations provide for an adequate management of this resource and, in addition, can represent a guideline for other countries that still lack a valid management plan.
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