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TitoloData di pubblicazioneAutore(i)RivistaEditore
Dissolution of surfactant mixtures investigated through hyperspectral imaging and multivariate curve resolution2020Taris, A.; Grosso, M.; Brundu, M.; Guida, V.CHEMICAL ENGINEERING SCIENCE
A geometric observer-assisted approach to tailor state estimation in a bioreactor for ethanol production2020Lisci, S.; Grosso, M.; Tronci, S.PROCESSES
Thermogravimetric analysis of different semolina doughs: Effect of mixing time and gluten content2019Fanari, F.; Carboni, G.; Grosso, M.; Desogus, F.CHEMICAL ENGINEERING TRANSACTIONS
Influence of wheat varieties, mixing time and water content on the rheological properties of semolina doughs2019Fanari, F.; Frau, I.; Desogus, F.; Scano, E. A.; Carboni, G.; Grosso, M.CHEMICAL ENGINEERING TRANSACTIONS
In-line monitoring and control of rheological properties through data-driven ultrasound soft-sensors2019Tronci, S.; Neer, P. V.; Giling, E.; Stelwagen, U.; Piras, D.; Mei, R.; Corominas, F.; Grosso, M.SENSORS
Influence of water activity on listeria monocytogenes growth in "Salsiccia Sarda" fermented sausage2018Ruggeri, A.; Carraro, V.; Sara, S.; Meloni, B.; Sanna, A.; Sanna, C.; Espa, A. Pinna A.; Carrucci...u, G.; Grosso, M.; Coroneo, V.ITALIAN JOURNAL OF FOOD SCIENCE
Multivariable real-time control of viscosity curve for a continuous production process of a non-Newtonian fluid2018Mei, Roberto; Grosso, Massimiliano; Corominas, Francesc; Baratti, Roberto; Tronci, StefaniaPROCESSES
Pyrene and chrysene tolerance and biodegradation capability of pleurotus sajor-caju2018Saiu, Giuliano; Tronci, Stefania; Grosso, Massimiliano; Cadoni, Enzo; Curreli, NicolettaTHE OPEN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL
Global-nonlinear stochastic dynamics of a class of two-state two-parameter non-isothermal continuous stirred tank reactors2018Alvarez, Jesus; Baratti, Roberto; Tronci, Stefania; Grosso, Massimiliano; Schaum, AlexanderJOURNAL OF PROCESS CONTROL
Development of a Non-Intrusive In-Line Tomographic Ultrasonic Velocity Meter to Measure Liquid Rheology2018Van Neer, P. L. M. J.; Stelwagen, U.; Geers, L. F. G.; Piras, D.; Corominas, F.; Grosso, M.;, E. J. M.IEEE Computer Society
System identification for a system subjected to persistent disturbances2018Mei, Roberto; Grosso, Massimiliano; Desotgiu, Federico; Tronci, StefaniaCOMPUTER-AIDED CHEMICAL ENGINEERINGElsevier B.V.
Application of combined multivariate techniques for the description of time-resolved powder X-ray diffraction data2017Taris, A; Grosso, M; Brundu, M; Guida, V; Viani, AJOURNAL OF APPLIED CRYSTALLOGRAPHY
Detection of Nucleation during Cooling Crystallization through Moving Window PCA Applied to in Situ Infrared Data2017Taris, Alessandra; Hansen, Thomas B.; Rong, Ben-Guang; Grosso, Massimiliano; Qu, HaiyanORGANIC PROCESS RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT
Microwave effects on the enzymatic hydrolysis of sucrose2017Balia, Giorgia; Grosso, Massimiliano; Tronci, Stefania; Desogus, FrancescoCHEMICAL ENGINEERING TRANSACTIONSItalian Association of Chemical Engineering - AIDIC
Modelling and optimization of poly-aromatic-hydrocarbons biodegradation by Bulab 57382017Prasciolu, Claudia; Perra, Valentina; Desogus, Francesco; Tronci, Stefania; Curreli, Nicoletta; S...aiu, Giuliano; Grosso, MassimilianoCHEMICAL ENGINEERING TRANSACTIONSItalian Association of Chemical Engineering (AIDIC)
Real-time control of viscosity curve for a continuous production process of a non-Newtonian fluid2017MEI, ROBERTO; GROSSO, MASSIMILIANO; TRONCI, STEFANIA; BARATTI, ROBERTO; Francesc, CorominasCHEMICAL ENGINEERING TRANSACTIONS
Polymorphic behavior of isonicotinamide in cooling crystallization from various solvents2016Hansen, TB; Taris, A; Rong, BG; Grosso, M; Qu, HJOURNAL OF CRYSTAL GROWTH
Biodegradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons by pleurotus sajor-caju2016Saiu, Giuliano; Tronci, Stefania; Grosso, Massimiliano; Cadoni, Enzo; Curreli, NicolettaCHEMICAL ENGINEERING TRANSACTIONS
Statistical health monitoring applied to a metabolomic study of experimental hepatocarcinogenesis: an alternative approach to supervised methods for the identification of false positives2016Del Carratore F; Lussu M; Kowalik MA; Perra A; Griffin JL; Atzori L; Grosso MANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY
Reaction monitoring of cementing materials through multivariate techniques applied to time-resolved synchrotron x-ray diffraction data2015Taris A; Grosso M; Viani A; Brundu M; Guida VCHEMICAL ENGINEERING TRANSACTIONSAIDIC - Associazione Italiana di Ingegneria Chimica
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