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Molecular Size Matters: Ultrafast Dye Singlet Sensitization Pathways to Bright Nanoparticle Emission2021Liu, J.; Geiregat, P.; Pilia, L.; Van Deun, R.; Artizzu, F.ADVANCED OPTICAL MATERIALS
Substitution Effects on the Optoelectronic Properties of Coumarin Derivatives2020Kumar, Amit; Baccoli, Roberto; Fais, Antonella; Cincotti, Alberto; Pilia, Luca; Gatto, GianlucaAPPLIED SCIENCES
DFT study of [Pt(Cl)2L] complex (L = rubeanic acid) and its derived compounds with DNA purine bases2020Kumar, A.; Gatto, G.; Delogu, F.; Pilia, L.CHEMICAL PHYSICS
Anti-Kasha Conformational Photoisomerization of a Heteroleptic Dithiolene Metal Complex Revealed by Ultrafast Spectroscopy2020Gazzetto, M.; Artizzu, F.; Attar, S. S.; Marchio, L.; Pilia, L.; Rohwer, E. J.; Feurer, T.;, P.; Cannizzo, A.JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY. A, MOLECULES, SPECTROSCOPY, KINETICS, ENVIRONMENT, & GENERAL THEORY
Effect of fluorination on the crystal and electronic structure of organometallic cyclopentadienyl-phenylenediamino-cobalt complexes2020Pilia, L.; Shuku, Y.; Dalgleish, S.; Hofmann, D. W. M.; Melis, N.; Awaga, K.; Robertson, N.JOURNAL OF ORGANOMETALLIC CHEMISTRY
Multi-Magnetic Properties of a Novel SCO [Fe(3-OMe-Sal2trien)]-[Fe(tdas)2]·CH3CN Salt2020Spitsyna, Nataliya; Ovanesyan, Nikolay; Blagov, Maxim; Krapivin, Vladimir; Lobach, Anatolii; Dmit...riev, Alexei; Simonov, Sergey; Zorina, Leokadiya; Pilia, Luca; Deplano, Paola; Vasiliev, Alexander; Maximova, Olga; Yagubskii, EduardEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF INORGANIC CHEMISTRY
Novel homogeneous selective electrocatalysts for CO2 reduction: an electrochemical and computational study of cyclopentadienyl-phenylendiamino-cobalt complexes2020Melis, Nicola; Mocci, Francesca; Vacca, Annalisa; Pilia, LucaSUSTAINABLE ENERGY & FUELS
Controlling energy transfer routes in dye-sensitized lanthanide-based nanoparticles for enhanced emission2020Liu, J.; Van Deun, R.; Pilia, L.; Geiregat, P.; Artizzu, F.SPIE
Driving the polymerization of PEDOT:PSS by means of a nanoporous template: Effects on the structure2019Pinna, A.; Casula, M. F.; Pilia, L.; Cappai, A.; Melis, C.; Ricci, P. C.; Carbonaro, C. M.POLYMER
Anti-Kasha Photophysics and Photochemistry in Pt-dithiolene Complexes Investigated with Ultrafast Transient Absorption2019Gazzetto, M.; Artizzu, F.; Attar, S.; Marchio`, L.; Pilia, L.; Rohwer, E.; Feurer, T.; Deplano, P....; Cannizzo, A.
Design of Nickel Donor-Acceptor Dithiolenes for 2nd order Nonlinear Optics. Experimental and Computational study2019Attar, Salahuddin. S.; Marchiò, Luciano; Pilia, Luca; Casula, Maria F.; Espa, Davide; Serpe,; Pizzotti, Maddalena; Marinotto, Daniele; Deplano, PaolaNEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY
Molecular engineering of heteroleptic metal-dithiolene complexes with optimized second-order NLO response2018Espa, Davide; Pilia, Luca; Attar, SALAHUDDIN SAYEDSHABBIR; Serpe, Angela; Deplano, PaolaINORGANICA CHIMICA ACTA
Structural and Electronic Effects Due to Fluorine Atoms on Dibenzotetraaza-Annulenes Complexes2018Pilia, Luca; Shuku, Yoshiaki; Dalgleish, Simon; Awaga, Kunio; Robertson, NeilACS OMEGA
Uncommon Optical Properties and Silver-Responsive Turn-Off/On Luminescence in a Pt(II) Heteroleptic Dithiolene Complex2018Attar, Salahuddin S; Artizzu, Flavia; Marchiò, Luciano; Espa, Davide; Pilia, Luca; Casula, Maria ...F; Serpe, Angela; Pizzotti, Maddalena; Orbelli-Biroli, Alessio; Deplano, PaolaCHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL
Fluorination induced electronic effects on a Pt(II) square-planar complex of the o-phenylenediimine ligand2017Pilia, L; Matsushita, MM; Awaga, K; Robertson, NNEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY
Optically Multiresponsive Heteroleptic Platinum Dithiolene Complex with Proton-Switchable Properties2017Attar, S; Espa, D; Artizzu, F; Pilia, L; Serpe, A; Pizzotti, M; Di Carlo, G; Marchiò, L; Deplano, PINORGANIC CHEMISTRY
A nonlinear optical active polymer film based on Pd(ii) dithione/dithiolate second-order NLO chromophores2016Espa, Davide; Pilia, Luca; Marchiò, L.; Artizzu, Flavia; Di Carlo, G.; Marinotto, D.; Serpe,; Tessore, F.; Deplano, PaolaDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Recent advances in the structure and properties of metal–dithiolene complexes2016Deplano, Paola; Espa, Davide; Pilia, LucaWiley
High Second-Order NLO Response Exhibited by the First Example of Polymeric Film Incorporating a Diimine-Dithiolate Square-Planar Complex: The [Ni(o-phen)(bdt)]2016Pilia, Luca; Marinotto, Daniele; Pizzotti, Maddalena; Tessore, Francesca; Robertson, NeilJOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY. C
Structural changes in MII dithione/dithiolato complexes (M = Ni, Pd, Pt) on varying the dithione functionalization2015Espa, Davide; Pilia, Luca; Marchiò, L; Attar, SALAHUDDIN SAYEDSHABBIR; Barsella, A; Fort, A; Merc...uri, MARIA LAURA; Serpe, Angela; Deplano, PaolaCRYSTENGCOMM
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