Main Scientific Interests and Projects
Research activity

Magnetic Nanomaterials


Powders: Fe3O4, Fe2O3, CoFe2O4, ZnFe2O4, NiO, as pure phases and silica based-composites

Colloidal nanoparticles: (Fe3O4, Fe2O3, CoFe2O4, MnFe2O4, FePt)

Surface functionalitazion (molecular and inorganic coating)

Transferring of hydrophobic nanoparticle into hydrophilic

3D metal oxide nanoporous spherical assemblies


Synthetic strategies

Conventional sol-gel, sol-gel autocombustion, impregnation, micellar methods, surfactant assisted high temperature decomposition, solvothermal methods and suitable combinations of these techniques.


Magnetism of the nanoparticles

Study of superparamagnetism phenomena, influence of the chemical composition, particle size, interactions, spin canting on the magnetic properties.


Luminescent Nanomaterials


Powders: Lanthanide doped-Y2O3, TiO2, Y2SiO5, ZnO, as pure phases and silica based- composites.

Synthetic strategies

Conventional sol-gel, sol-gel autocombustion, impregnation.


 Highly Porous Composite Materials

-Nanomaterials as sorbents for H2S removal.
Preparation and characterization of ZnO, ZnFe2O4, Fe2O3, dispersed into mesostructured amorphous silica.

-Nanomaterials as catalysts.
Preparation and characterization of Au@SBA15; CoFe2O4@Au; Co3O4@Au; Au@Fe3O4; Ag@Fe3O4 composites.


Inorganic Colloids for solar cells

Preparation and characterization of Colloidal Bi2S3, ZnO nanoparticles for inorganic solar cells.

Diagnostic for cultural heritages

Characterization by XRD, portable XRF, FTIR, TGA of ceramic, obsidians, pigments.

 Microstructural Characterization

– powder X ray diffraction
– Transmissione Electron Microscopy (TEM and HRTEM)
-Thermal analysis
-N2 physisorption
-Fourier Transmission Infrared Spectroscopy


Research Projects:

2010-2012 Regione autonoma della Sardegna – L.R. n.7 Progetti di Ricerca di Base Orientata
“Design of organic-inorganic hybrid nanomaterials for photovoltaic energy”

2010-2012 Regione autonoma della Sardegna – L.R. n.7 Progetti di Ricerca di Base Orientata
“Ceramics’s archeometry in Sardinia”

2009-2011 ENEA-Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico-Unica (Dipartimento Scienze Chimiche)
“Novel sorbents and catalysts for the treatment of syngas produced by carbon gasification “

2010-2011 Fondazione del Banco di Sardegna
“Magnetic nanoparticles for biomolecule delivery”

2009-2011 PROMEA
Cluster Project on “Diagnostic and novel technologies for cultural heritage, architectonic and industrial structures”

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