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Z. Naturforsch., 1999, 54 a, 513-518


1 Structural and magnetic properties of Fe2O3 nanoparticles dispersed over a silica matrix

C. Cannas, A. Musinu, G. Piccaluga, D. Gatteschi, C. Sangregorio

 J. Phys. Chem. B, (1998), 102 (40), 7721-7726


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Surface Reactivity of Etna Volcanic Ash and evaluation of Health Risks2021Barone, Germana; De Giudici, Giovanni Battista; Gimeno, Domingo; Lanzafame, Gabriele; Podda, Fran...cesca; Cannas, Carla; Giuffrida, Alessandro; Barchitta, Martina; Agodi, Antonella; Mazzoleni, PaoloSCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT
Silicon-based fluorescent platforms for copper(ii) detection in water2021Oggianu, M.; Figus, C.; Ashoka-Sahadevan, S.; Monni, N.; Marongiu, D.; Saba, M.; Mura, A.; Bongio...vanni, G.; Caltagirone, C.; Lippolis, V.; Cannas, C.; Cadoni, E.; Mercuri, M. L.; Quochi, F.RSC ADVANCES
On the synthesis of bi-magnetic manganese ferrite-based core-shell nanoparticles2021Sanna Angotzi, M.; Mameli, V.; Cara, C.; Peddis, D.; Xin, H. L.; Sangregorio, C.; Mercuri, M. L.;... Cannas, C.NANOSCALE ADVANCES
Nanoscaled Metal-Organic Frameworks (Nano-MOFs): Challenges towards Biomedical Applications2021Oggianu, M.; Mameli, V.; Monni, N.; Ashoka Sahadevan, S.; Sanna Angotzi, M.; Cannas, C.; Mercuri,... M. L.JOURNAL OF NANOSCIENCE AND NANOTECHNOLOGY
Anchoring ultrasmall FeIII-based nanoparticles on silica and titania mesostructures for syngas H2S purification2020Cara, C.; Mameli, V.; Rombi, E.; Pinna, N.; Sanna Angotzi, M.; Niznansky, D.; Musinu, A.; Cannas, C.MICROPOROUS AND MESOPOROUS MATERIALS
Magnetocrystalline and surface anisotropy in cofe2o4 nanoparticles2020Omelyanchik, A.; Salvador, M.; D'orazio, F.; Mameli, V.; Cannas, C.; Fiorani, D.; Musinu, A.;, M.; Rodionova, V.; Varvaro, G.; Peddis, D.NANOMATERIALS
Designing Magnetic NanoMOFs for Biomedicine: Current Trends and Applications2020Oggianu, Mariangela; Monni, Noemi; Mameli, Valentina; Cannas, Carla; Ashoka Sahadevan, Suchithra;... Mercuri, Maria LauraMAGNETOCHEMISTRY
Hexafluorosilicic Acid (FSA): from Hazardous Waste to Precious Resource in Obtaining High Value-Added Mesostructured Silica2020Vacca, Mirko Antonio; Cara, Claudio; Mameli, Valentina; Sanna Angotzi, Marco; Scorciapino, Marian...o Andrea; Cutrufello, Maria Giorgia; Musinu, Anna; Tyrpekl, Vaclav; Pala, Luca; Cannas, CarlaACS SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY & ENGINEERING
Coupled hard–soft spinel ferrite-based core–shell nanoarchitectures: magnetic properties and heating abilities2020Sanna Angotzi, Marco; Mameli, Valentina; Cara, Claudio; Musinu, Anna; Sangregorio, Claudio; Nizna...nsky, Daniel; Xin, Huolin L.; Vejpravova, Jana; Cannas, CarlaNANOSCALE ADVANCES
Defect-assisted synthesis of magneto-plasmonic silver-spinel ferrite heterostructures in a flower-like architecture2020Sanna Angotzi, M.; Mameli, V.; Cara, C.; Grillo, V.; Enzo, S.; Musinu, A.; Cannas, C.SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
Heteroleptic NIR-Emitting YbIII/Anilate-Based Neutral Coordination Polymer Nanosheets for Solvent Sensing2020Ashoka Sahadevan, Suchithra; Monni, Noemi; Oggianu, Mariangela; Abhervé, Alexandre; Marongiu, Dan...iela; Saba, Michele; Mura, Andrea; Bongiovanni, Giovanni; Mameli, Valentina; Cannas, Carla; Avarvari, Narcis; Quochi, Francesco; Mercuri, Maria LauraACS APPLIED NANO MATERIALS
Liquid Phase Synthesis of Nanostructured Spinel Ferrites-A Review2019Mameli, Valentina; Angotzi, Marco Sanna; Cara, Claudio; Cannas, CarlaJOURNAL OF NANOSCIENCE AND NANOTECHNOLOGY
Raman Spectroscopy as a Probe for Monitoring the Zinc Presence in Zn-Substituted Cobalt Ferrites2019Monni, Noemi; Mameli, Valentina; Sahadevan, Suchithra Ashoka; Gai, Stefano; Cannas, Carla; Mercur...i, Maria LauraJOURNAL OF NANOSCIENCE AND NANOTECHNOLOGY
A Special Section on Nanostructured Iron-Based Spinels: Synthesis, Characterization, Properties and Applications2019Cannas, Carla; Mameli, Valentina; Peddis, Davide; Sangregorio, ClaudioJOURNAL OF NANOSCIENCE AND NANOTECHNOLOGY
Proprietà tecnologiche e provenienza delle materie prime impiegate per la produzione delle statue menhir di Aiodda-Nurallao (Sardegna centrale): il contributo dell'archeometria2019Serra, Marco; MAMELI, VALENTINA; CANNAS, CARLAFOLD&R.
Magnetic interactions versus magnetic anisotropy in spinel ferrite nanoparticles2019Muscas, G.; Cobianchi, M.; Lascialfari, A.; Cannas, C.; Musinu, A.; Omelyanchik, A.; Rodionova, V....; Fiorani, D.; Mameli, V.; Peddis, D.IEEE MAGNETICS LETTERS
Sub-Micrometric MCM-41 Particles as Support to Design Efficient and Regenerable Maghemite-Based Sorbent for H2S Removal2019Cara, C; Rombi, E; Ardu, A; Vacca, Ma; Cannas, CJOURNAL OF NANOSCIENCE AND NANOTECHNOLOGY
Nanostructured spinel cobalt ferrites: Fe and Co chemical state, cation distribution and size effects by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy2019Fantauzzi, Marzia; Rossi, Antonella; Cannas, Carla; SANNA ANGOTZI, Marco; Secci, Fausto; Passiu, ...CristianaRSC ADVANCES
A catalyst-free, waste-less ethanol-based solvothermal synthesis of amides2018Dalu, Francesca; Scorciapino, Mariano A.; Cara, Claudio; Luridiana, Alberto; Musinu, Anna; Casu, ...Mariano; Secci, Francesco; Cannas, CarlaGREEN CHEMISTRY
γ‑Fe2O3‑M41S Sorbents for H2S Removal: Effect of Different Porous Structures and Silica Wall Thickness2018Cara, Claudio; Rombi, Elisabetta; Mameli, Valentina; Ardu, Andrea; Sanna Angotzi, Marco; Niznansk...y, Daniel; Musinu, Anna Maria Giovanna; Cannas, CarlaJOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY. C
Nanosheets of two-dimensional neutral coordination polymers based on near-infrared-emitting lanthanides and a chlorocyananilate ligand2018Ashoka Sahadevan, Suchithra; Monni, Noemi; Abhervé, Alexandre; Marongiu, Daniela; Sarritzu,; Sestu, Nicola; Saba, Michele; Mura, Antonio Andrea; Bongiovanni, Giovanni; Cannas, Carla; Quochi, Francesco; Avarvari, Narcis; Mercuri, Maria LauraCHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS
Highly active NiO-CeO2 catalysts for synthetic natural gas production by CO2 methanation2018Atzori, Luciano; Cutrufello, MARIA GIORGIA; Meloni, Daniela; Cannas, Carla; Gazzoli, D; Monaci, R...oberto; Sini, MARIA FRANCA; Rombi, ElisabettaCATALYSIS TODAY
The interplay between single particle anisotropy and interparticle interactions in ensembles of magnetic nanoparticles2018Muscas, G; Concas, G; Laureti, S; Testa, A M; Mathieu, R; De Toro, J A; Cannas, C; Musinu, A; Nov...ak, M A; Sangregorio, C; Lee, Su Seong; Peddis, DPHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS
Geo-material provenance and technological properties investigation in Copper Age menhirs production at Allai (central-western Sardinia, Italy)2017Serra, Marco; Mameli, Valentina; Cannas, CarlaSCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL RESEARCH
Spinel ferrite core-shell nanostructures by a versatile solvothermal seed-mediated growth approach and study of their nanointerfaces2017Sanna Angotzi, Marco; Musinu, Anna Maria Giovanna; Mameli, Valentina; Ardu, Andrea; Cara, Claudio...; Niznansky, Daniel; Xin, Huolin L; Cannas, CarlaACS NANO
MCM-41 support for ultrasmall γ-Fe2O3 nanoparticles for H2S removal2017Cara, Claudio; Rombi, Elisabetta; Musinu, ANNA MARIA GIOVANNA; Mameli, Valentina; Ardu, Andrea; S...ANNA ANGOTZI, Marco; Atzori, Luciano; Niznansky, Daniel; Xin, H. L.; Cannas, CarlaJOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY. A
CO2 methanation on hard-templated NiO-CeO2 mixed oxides2017Atzori, Luciano; Cutrufello, MARIA GIORGIA; Meloni, Daniela; Monaci, Roberto; Cannas, Carla; Deli...a, Gazzoli; Sini, MARIA FRANCA; Paolo, Deiana; Rombi, ElisabettaINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYDROGEN ENERGY
Cobalt ferrite nanoparticles as nanoheaters to treat cancer2016Mameli, V.; Musinu, A.; Ardu, A.; Ennas, G.; Peddis, D.; Niznansky, D.; Sangregorio, C.; Innocent...i, C.; Thanh, Nguyen T. K.; Cannas, C.
Middle Bronze Age metalworking in the cave of Monte Meana (South-western Sardinia, Italy)2016Serra, Marco; Cannas, Carla; Naitza, Stefano; Paglietti, GiacomoArchaeopress
Geo-materials selection and procurement strategies in Copper Age menhirs production at Allai (central-western Sardinia, Italy)2016Serra, Marco; Mameli, Valentina; Cannas, CarlaΠαλαγιωτης Δημητρίου Δημόπουλος & Σία Ο.Ε
Eneolithic menhirs of Laconi (central Sardinia, Italy): From provenance to technological properties2016Serra, Marco; Mameli, Valentina; Cannas, CarlaJOURNAL OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL SCIENCE: REPORTS
Tuning hard and soft magnetic FePt nanocomposites2016Suber, L; Imperatori, P; Bauer, Em; Porwal, R; Peddis, D; Cannas, Carla; Ardu, Andrea; Mezzi, A; ...Kaciulis, S; Notargiacomo, A; Pilloni, L.JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS
Metallurgia del piombo e siderurgia nel sito protostorico di Brunku ’e s’Omu (Sardegna centro-occidentale): inquadramento funzionale dei manufatti e ricostruzione dei processi produttivi2016Serra, Marco; Cannas, Carla; Montisci, M; Paglietti, Giacomo; Cicilloni, RiccardoFOLD&R.
A preliminary archaeometric study of eneolithic anthropomorphic statues from Nurallao (central Sardinia, Italy)2016Serra, Marco; Mameli, Valentina; Cannas, CarlaArchaeopress
Much more than a glass: the complex magnetic and microstructural properties of obsidian2016Mameli V; Musinu A; Niznansky Dl; Peddis D; Ennas G; Ardu A; Lugliè C; Cannas CJOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY. C.
Studying the effect of Zn-substitution on the magnetic and hyperthermic properties of cobalt ferrite nanoparticles2016Mameli, V.; Musinu, A.; Ardu, A.; Ennas, G.; Peddis, D.; Niznansky, D.; Sangregorio, C.; Innocent...i, C.; Thanh, Nguyen T. K.; Cannas, C.NANOSCALE
High efficient fluorescent stable colloidal sealed dye-doped mesostructured silica nanoparticles2016Carbonaro, CM; Orrù, F; Ricci, PC; Ardu, A; Corpino, R; Chiriu, D; Angius, F; Mura, A; Cannas, CMICROPOROUS AND MESOPOROUS MATERIALS
A direct solvothermal strategy to amide-capped magnetite nanoparticles2015Cara, C.; Musinu, A.; Mameli, V.; Ardu, A.; Nižňanský, D.; Bursik, J.; Scorciapino, M. A.; Manzo,... G.; Cannas, C.Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
Microstructure, morphology and magnetism of Monte Arci obsidian2015Mameli, V.; Musinu, A.; Nižňanský, D.; Peddis, D.; Ennas, G.; Ardu, A.; Lugliè, C.; Cannas, C.Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
Preliminary archaeometric study of menhir statues from Allai (central Sardinia, Italy): source provenance and technological properties2015Serra, Marco; Mameli, Valentina; Cannas, Carlaunica e-print
Elementi di metallurgia protostorica dal nuraghe Cuccurada (Mogoro-OR)2015Serra, Marco; Montisci, Martina; Mameli, Valentina; Orru', Giampaolo; Naitza, Stefano; Cannas, CarlaMorlacchi
Beyond the crystallite size, the particle size and the capping agent: the effect of Zn substitution on the magnetic properties of cobalt ferrite nanoparticles2015Mameli, Valentina; Musinu, A.; Ardu, A.; Ennas, G.; Peddis, D.; Nižňanský, D.; Thanh, N. T. K.; C...annas, C.Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
Colloidal CoFe2O4@MnFe2O4 and CoFe2O4@γ-Fe2O3 heterostructures with core-shell architecture2015Sanna Angotzi, M.; Musinu, A.; Mameli, V.; Ardu, A.; Cara, C.; Sangregorio, C.; Nižňanský, D.; Ca...nnas, C.Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
Binding of bis-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate at the surface of hydrozincite nanocrystals: An example of organic molecules absorption onto nanocrystalline minerals2015Sanna, Roberta; Medas, Daniela; Podda, Francesca; Meneghini, C.; Casu, Mariano; Lattanzi, Pierfra...nco; Scorciapino, MARIANO ANDREA; Floris, Costantino; Cannas, Carla; DE GIUDICI, GIOVANNI BATTISTAJOURNAL OF COLLOID AND INTERFACE SCIENCE
Gold nanoparticles supported on conventional silica as catalysts for the low-temperature CO oxidation2015Rombi, Elisabetta; Cutrufello, MARIA GIORGIA; Monaci, Roberto; Cannas, Carla; Gazzoli, D; Onida, ...B; Pavani, M; Ferino, ItaloJOURNAL OF MOLECULAR CATALYSIS. A: CHEMICAL
Luminescence enhancement by energy transfer in melamine-Y2O3:Tb3+ nanohybrids2015Stagi, Luigi; Chiriu, Daniele; Ardu, Andrea; Cannas, Carla; Carbonaro, Carlo M.; Ricci, Pier CarloJOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS
Evolution of the magnetic structure with chemical composition in spinel iron oxide nanoparticles2015Muscas, G; Yaacoub, N; Concas, G; Sayed, F; Sayed Hassan, R; Greneche, JM; Cannas, C; Musinu, A; ...Foglietti, V; Casciardi, S; Sangregorio, C; Peddis, DNANOSCALE
Hierarchical formation mechanism of CoFe2O4 mesoporous assemblies2015Cannas, C; Ardu, A; Musinu, A; Suber, L; Ciasca, G; Amenitsch, H; Campi, GACS NANO
Synthesis and melting behaviour of Bi, Sn and Sn–Bi nanostructured alloy2015F. Frongia; M. Pilloni; A. Scano; A. Ardu; C. Cannas; A. Musinu; G. Borzone; S. Delsante; R. Nova...kovic; Ennas GJOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS
Dialkylamide as both capping agent and surfactant in a direct solvothermal synthesis of magnetite and titania nanoparticles2015Cara, C.; Musinu, Anna Maria Giovanna; Mameli, Valentina; Ardu, Andrea; Niznansky, D.; Bursik, J....; Scorciapino, Mariano Andrea; Manzo, G.; Cannas, CarlaCRYSTAL GROWTH & DESIGN
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