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Seasonal fluctuations in the nutritional value of particulate organic matter in a lagoon.1996A. PUSCEDDU; SERRA E.; SANNA O.; FABIANO M.CHEMISTRY IN ECOLOGY
Changes in the biochemical composition of Tetraselmis suecia and Isochrysis galbana during growth and decay1996Pusceddu, Antonio; Fabiano, M.CHEMISTRY IN ECOLOGY
Relationships between suspended and sediment organic matter in a semi-enclosed marine system: the Stagnone di Marsala Sound (Western Sicily)1997A. PUSCEDDU; SARA' G; MAZZOLA A; FABIANO MWATER AIR AND SOIL POLLUTION
Short-term variations in particulate matter flux in Terra Nova Bay, Ross Sea1997FABIANO M.; CHIANTORE M.; POVERO P.; CATTANEO-VIETTI R.; A. PUSCEDDU; MISIC C.; ALBERTELLI G.ANTARCTIC SCIENCE
Total and hydrolizable particulate organic matter (carbohydrates, proteins and lipids) at a coastal station in Terra Nova Bay (Ross Sea, Antarctica)1998FABIANO M.; A. PUSCEDDUPOLAR BIOLOGY
Food availability to an Adamussium bed during the austral summer 1993/1994 (Terra Nova Bay, Ross Sea)1998ALBERTELLI G; CATTANEO-VIETTI R; CHIANTORE M; A. PUSCEDDU; FABIANO MJOURNAL OF MARINE SYSTEMS
The relationship between food availability and the growth in Mytilus galloprovincialis in the open-sea (southern Mediterranean)1998SARA' G.; MANGANARO A.; CORTESE G.; A. PUSCEDDU; MAZZOLA A.AQUACULTURE
Differential responses of bacteria, meiofauna and macrofauna in a shelf area (Ligurian Sea, NW Mediterranean): role of food availability1999ALBERTELLI G.; COVAZZI-HARRIAGUE A.; DANOVARO R.; FABIANO M.; FRASCHETTI S.; A. PUSCEDDUJOURNAL OF SEA RESEARCH
Nucleic acid concentrations (DNA, RNA) in the continental and deep-sea sediments of the eastern Mediterranean: relationships with seasonally varying organic inputs and bacterial dynamics1999DANOVARO R.; DELL'ANNO A.; PUSCEDDU A.; FABIANO M.DEEP-SEA RESEARCH PART I-OCEANOGRAPHIC RESEARCH PAPERS
Meiofaunal assemblages associated with scallop beds (Adamussium colbecki) in the coastal sediments of Terra Nova Bay (Ross Sea, Antarctica).1999Danovaro R.; Pusceddu A.; Mirto S.; Fabiano M.ANTARCTIC SCIENCE
Particulate nucleic acid dynamics in a highly oligotrophic system: the Cretan Sea (Eastern Mediterranean)1999DELL'ANNO A.; MARRALE D.; PUSCEDDU A.; FABIANO M.; DANOVARO R.MARINE ECOLOGY PROGRESS SERIES
Origin, biochemical composition and vertical flux of particulate organic matter under the pack ice in Terra Nova Bay (Ross Sea, Antarctica) during late summer 19951999A. PUSCEDDU; CATTANEO-VIETTI R; ALBERTELLI G; FABIANO MPOLAR BIOLOGY
Bacteria, Protozoa and Organic Matter Composition in the Sediments of Terra Nova Bay1999Fabiano M.; Danovaro R.; Chiantore M.; Pusceddu A.Springer
Particulate nucleic acid dynamics in a highly oligotrophic system: the Cretan Sea1999DELL'ANNO A; MARRALE D; A. PUSCEDDU; DANOVARO RMARINE ECOLOGY PROGRESS SERIES
Seasonal and spatial changes in the sediment organic matter of a semi-enclosed marine system (W-Mediterranean Sea)1999A. PUSCEDDU; SARA' G; ARMENI M; FABIANO M; MAZZOLA AHYDROBIOLOGIA
Community experiments using benthic chambers: Microbial significance in highly organic enriched sediments1999DANOVARO R.; PUSCEDDU A.; COVAZZI A.; MARRALE D.; DELL'ANNO A.; PETRILLO M.; ALBERTELLI G.; DELLA... CROCE N.CHEMISTRY IN ECOLOGY
Structural and functional properties of sympagic communities in the annual sea ice at Terra Nova Bay (Ross Sea, Antarctica)2000Guglielmo, L.; Carrada, G. C.; Catalano, G.; Dell'Anno, A.; Fabiano, M.; Lazzara, L.; Mangoni, O....; Pusceddu, Antonio; Saggiomo, V.POLAR BIOLOGY
Biochemical composition of pico-, nano- and micro-particulate organic matter and bacterioplankton biomass in the oligotrophic Cretan Sea (NE Mediterranean)2000DANOVARO R.; DELL'ANNO A.; PUSCEDDU A.; MARRALE D.; DELLA CROCE N.; FABIANO M.; TSELEPIDES A.PROGRESS IN OCEANOGRAPHY
Organic matter composition of the continental shelf and bathyal sediments of the Cretan sea (NE Mediterranean)2000TSELEPIDES A.; POLYCHRONAKI T.; MARRALE D.; AKOUMIANAKI I.; DELL'ANNO A.; PUSCEDDU A.; DANOVARO R.PROGRESS IN OCEANOGRAPHY
Environmental constraints on pathways of organic detritus in a semi-enclosed marine system (W-Mediterranean)2000Fabiano M.; Sarà G.; Mazzola A.; Pusceddu A.Springer
Spatial and temporal changes in beach meiofaunal communities of the Ligurian Sea (NW Mediterranean)2000Covazzi-Harriague A.; Pusceddu A.; Della Croce N.; Danovaro R.REVISTA DE BIOLOGIA MARINA Y OCEANOGRAFIA
Organic matter composition in coastal sediments at Terra Nova Bay (Ross Sea) during summer 19952000PUSCEDDU A.; DELL'ANNO A.; FABIANO M.POLAR BIOLOGY
Small-scale distribution of bacteria, enzymatic activities and organic matter in coastal sediments2001DANOVARO R.; ARMENI M.; DELL'ANNO A.; FABIANO M.; MANINI E.; MARRALE D.; PUSCEDDU A.; VANUCCI S.MICROBIAL ECOLOGY
Fluxes of phytopigments and labile organic matter to the deep ocean in the NE Atlantic Ocean2001FABIANO M.; PUSCEDDU A.; DELL'ANNO A.; ARMENI M.; VANUCCI S.; LAMPITT R.; WOLFF G.A.; DANOVARO R.PROGRESS IN OCEANOGRAPHY
Deep-sea ecosystem response to climate changes: the eastern Mediterranean case study2001DANOVARO R.; DELL'ANNO A.; FABIANO M.; PUSCEDDU A.; TSELEPIDES A.TRENDS IN ECOLOGY & EVOLUTION
Particulate organic matter composition in a semi-enclosed marine system2001MAZZOLA M; FABIANO M; A. PUSCEDDU; SARA' GCHEMISTRY IN ECOLOGY
Microbial assemblages associated with sinking particles in the Porcupine Abyssal Plain (NE Atlantic Ocean)2001VANUCCI S.; DELL'ANNO A.; PUSCEDDU A.; FABIANO M.; LAMPITT R.; DANOVARO R.PROGRESS IN OCEANOGRAPHY
Assessing the trophic state and eutrophication of coastal marine systems: a new approach based on the biochemical composition of sediment organic matter2002Dell’Anno A.; Mei M. L.; Pusceddu A.; Danovaro R.MARINE POLLUTION BULLETIN
A depocenter of organic matter at 7800m depth in the SE Pacific Ocean2003DANOVARO R.; DELLA CROCE N.; DELL'ANNO A.; PUSCEDDU A.DEEP-SEA RESEARCH PART I-OCEANOGRAPHIC RESEARCH PAPERS
Enzymatically hydrolyzable protein and carbohydrate sedimentary pools as indicators of the trophic state of detritus sink systems: a case study in a Mediterranean coastal lagoon2003PUSCEDDU A.; DELL'ANNO A.; DANOVARO R.; MANINI E.; SARA' G.; FABIANO M.ESTUARIES
Mesoscale variability of organic matter composition in NW Adriatic sediments2003DELL'ANNO A.; INCERA M.; MEI M.L.; PUSCEDDU A.CHEMISTRY IN ECOLOGY
Composizione biochimica delle foglie di Zostera marina L. e del substrato sedimentario d’impianto2003BARLETTA D.; PUSCEDDU A.; C. TOTTIBIOLOGIA MARINA MEDITERRANEA
Benthic microbial loop functioning in coastal lagoons: a comparative approach2003Manini, E; Fiordelmondo, C; Gambi, C; Pusceddu, Antonio; Danovaro, R.OCEANOLOGICA ACTA
Short-term impact of clam harvesting on sediment chemistry, benthic microbes and meiofauna in the Goro lagoon (Italy)2003FIORDELMONDO C; MANINI E; GAMBI C; A. PUSCEDDUCHEMISTRY IN ECOLOGY
The Italian Marine Environment Funding Plan2004IANNI C; A. PUSCEDDU; RANDAZZO G; RUSSO ACHEMISTRY IN ECOLOGY
Short-term response of benthic bacteria and nanoflagellates to sediment resuspension: An experimental study2004FIORDELMONDO C; A. PUSCEDDUCHEMISTRY IN ECOLOGY
The Italian Marine Environment Funding Plan 22004Ianni, C; Pusceddu, Antonio; Randazzo, G; Russo, A.CHEMISTRY IN ECOLOGY
Biodiversity response to climate change in a warm deep sea2004DANOVARO R.; DELL'ANNO A.; PUSCEDDU A.ECOLOGY LETTERS
Biogeochemistry and algal communities in the annual sea ice at Terra Nova Bay (Ross Sea, Antarctica)2004GUGLIELMO L.; CARRADA G.C.; CATALANO G.; COZZI S.; DELL'ANNO A.; FABIANO M.; GRANATA A.; LAZZARA ...L.; LORENZELLI R.; MANGANARO A.; MANGONI O.; MISIC C.; MODIGH M.; PUSCEDDU A.; SAGGIOMO V.CHEMISTRY IN ECOLOGY
Benthic microbial abundance, enzymatic activities, bacterial production, C mineralization and oxygen consumption rates in a highly trawled ecosystem (Thermaikos Gulf, Aegean Sea)2005POLYMENAKOU P; A. PUSCEDDU; TSELEPIDES A; POLYCHRONAKI T; GIANNAKOUROU A; FIORDELMONDO C; HATZIYA...NNI E; DANOVARO RCONTINENTAL SHELF RESEARCH
Enzymatic activities of epiphytic and benthic thraustochytrids involved in organic matter degradation2005BONGIORNI L; PUSCEDDU A; R. DANOVAROAQUATIC MICROBIAL ECOLOGY
Effects of bottom trawling on the quantity and biochemical composition of organic matter in coastal marine sediments (Thermaikos Gulf, northwestern Aegean Sea)2005A. PUSCEDDU; FIORDELMONDO C; POLYMENAKOU P; POLYCHRONAKI T; TSELEPIDES A; DANOVARO RCONTINENTAL SHELF RESEARCH
Impact of natural (storm) and anthropogenic (trawling) sediment resuspension on particulate organic matter in coastal environments2005PUSCEDDU A; GREMARE A; ESKOUBEYROU K; AMOUROUX J.M; FIORDELMONDO C; R. DANOVAROCONTINENTAL SHELF RESEARCH
Exo-enzymatic activities and dissolved organic pools in relation with mucilage development in the Northern Adriatic Sea2005Danovaro, R.; Armeni, M.; Luna, G. M.; Corinaldesi, C.; Dell'Anno, A.; Ferrari, C.; Fiordelmondo,... C.; Gambi, C.; Gismondi, M.; Manini, E.; Mecozzi, M.; Perrone, F. M.; Pusceddu, A.; Giani, M.SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT
Sediment resuspension effects on the benthic microbial loop in experimental microcosm2005PUSCEDDU A; C. FIORELMONDO; R. DANOVAROMICROBIAL ECOLOGY
Response of Benthic Protozoa and Thraustochytrid Protists to Fish Farm Impact in Seagrass (Posidonia oceanica) and Soft-Bottom Sediments2005BONGIORNI L; MIRTO S; A. PUSCEDDU; DANOVARO RMICROBIAL ECOLOGY
Ecomanagement of biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in the Mediterranean Sea: concerns and strategies2007Danovaro, R.; Pusceddu, AntonioCHEMISTRY IN ECOLOGY
Particulate organic matter uptake rates of two benthic filter-feeders (Sabella spallanzanii and Branchiomma luctuosum) candidates for the clarification of aquaculture wastewaters2007Cavallo, D; Pusceddu, Antonio; Danovaro, R; Giangrande, A.MARINE POLLUTION BULLETIN
Trophic state, ecosystem efficiency and biodiversity of transitional aquatic ecosystems: analysis of environmental quality based on different benthic indicators2007Pusceddu, A; Gambi, C; Manini, E; Danovaro, RCHEMISTRY IN ECOLOGY
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