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Titolo: Seismic design of flexible cantilevered retaining walls
Data di pubblicazione: 2010
Abstract: In this paper, the seismic behavior of embedded cantilevered retaining walls in a coarse-grained soil is studied with a number of numerical analyses, using a nonlinear hysteretic model coupled with a Mohr-Coulomb failure criterion. Two different seismic inputs are used, consisting of acceleration time histories recorded at rock outcrops in Italy. The numerical analyses are aimed to investigate the dynamic behavior of this class of retaining walls, and to interpret this behavior with a pseudostatic approach, in order to provide guidance for design. The role of the wall stiffness on the dynamic response of the system is investigated first. Then, the seismic performance of the retaining walls under severe seismic loading is investigated, exploring the possibility of designing the system in such a way that during the earthquake the strengths of both the soil and the retaining walls are mobilized. In this way, an economic design criterion may be developed, that relies on the ductility of the system, as it is customary in the seismic design of structures.
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