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Titolo: Risk target effect on risk perception in an industrial area
Data di pubblicazione: 2004
Abstract: This study describes the results of a survey, carried out by the Department of Public Health between October and December 2002, about the perception of the main risk factors for health and environment in Portoscuso (Ca), an industrial area in south west of Sardinia, declared "Environmental high-risk area " with DPCM 23.04.1993. The aim of survey was to investigate the different risk perception between local and global level analyzed by McNemar test. The results showed that risk perception was significantly higher at global level. We didn't observe any difference about local problematics as industrial pollution, work accidents, acid rain, industrial accident. Regarding risk factors, as food safety and life style, the "unrealistic optimism effect" described by Sjöberg with people risk perception higher at global level, is confirmed. Perception of industrial risk, considered only similar and not higher than in other areas, is influenced by citizens' consciousness of living in an area declared at high risk of environmental crisis. These results should be taken into account in future risk communication process in order to avoid interpretation bias.
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