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Titolo: A posteriori compensation of the systematic error due to polynomial interpolation in digital image correlation
Data di pubblicazione: 2013
Abstract: It is well known that displacement components estimated using digital image correlation are affected by a systematic error due to the poly- nomial interpolation required by the numerical algorithm. The magnitude of bias depends on the characteristics of the speckle pattern (i.e., the fre- quency content of the image), on the fractional part of displacements and on the type of polynomial used for intensity interpolation. In literature, B-Spline polynomials are pointed out as being able to introduce the smaller errors, whereas bilinear and cubic interpolants generally give the worst results. However, the small bias of B-Spline polynomials is par- tially counterbalanced by a somewhat larger execution time. We will try to improve the accuracy of lower order polynomials by a posteriori correcting their results so as to obtain a faster and more accurate analysis.
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