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Titolo: Saturation of the 5q31-q33 candidate region for coeliac disease
Data di pubblicazione: 2003
Abstract: The first genome wide screening performed on Italian affected sib-pair families (Greco et al. 1998) gave evidence for linkage with coeliac disease in the 5q region. This finding was replicated in a second independent dataset (Greco et al. 2001). Overall, pooling both samples, the highest MLS value (2.92) was found for the most centromeric marker tested, D5S640. In the present study, the 5q31-q33 region was saturated with 12 new markers around D5S640, in order to verify whether there would be a shift of the MLS position. This study allowed us to support our previous finding of linkage for the region 5q31-q33, with the most significant MLS value at D5S2014, very close to the marker D5S640. No evidence for interaction between this risk factor and the one in the HLA region was found. Furthermore, many different groups have independently obtained analogous results for this region, confirming the presence of a susceptibility locus in the region 5q31-q33. This region contains several interesting candidate genes for coeliac disease.
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