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Titolo: Chromosome 14 linkage analysis and mutation study of 2 serpin genes in allergic asthmatic families
Data di pubblicazione: 2001
Abstract: BACKGROUND Genome and chromosome screens reported DNA markers on chromosome 14 linked to allergic asthma or intermediate phenotypes in several populations. OBJECTIVE We sought to perform a linkage study on chromosome 14 and a further association study on candidate genes mapped in the region found to be linked to allergic asthma or intermediate phenotypes. METHODS The study consisted of a sample of 189 families (847 genotyped individuals) from a restricted geographic area in northeastern Italy. The subjects were characterized for the following phenotypes: allergic asthma, total serum IgE levels, skin prick test responses, and bronchial hyperresponsiveness (BHR) to methacholine. Genotyping was done with 14 DNA markers and 4 polymorphisms in the genes encoding alpha(1)-anti-trypsin and alpha(1)-antichymotrypsin (ACT). RESULTS Multipoint analysis indicated a potential linkage of BHR with marker D14S617 (nonparametric linkage z score = 2.32, P =.01). Transmission disequilibrium of Thr -15Ala in the gene encoding ACT was observed with all the phenotypes investigated: allergic asthma, BHR, total IgE levels, or skin prick test responses (P =.041,.02,.0053, or.026, respectively). CONCLUSION Chromosome 14 screening and transmission disequilibrium testing on the gene encoding ACT suggest that it or a closely located gene may be involved in susceptibility to allergic asthma in the Italian population.
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