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Titolo: Advanced technology, quality and natural materials efficiency in the Mediterranean Climate
Data di pubblicazione: 2014
Abstract: In the current building experience of the very technologically advanced part of the planet, concept of Sustainability, has brought to more suitable solutions based on LCA managing models, from material and component dimension to the accomplished built object. Nowadays, buildings and dwellings have become dynamic and elaborate organisms. We are leaving behind ourselves the Modern idea as Architecture as an energetic machine to move towards new paradigms, new models based on local and energetic efficiency, innovation, costs attention and resources utilization that might improve people life quality, even in the social dwelling size. To achieve our purpose, we have taken environmental standards as project assumption in order to get closer in the interactions between building as a complex system and as ecosystem. We can apply the same sustainability assumptions in common practice and fast building-up procedures, combining vary types of durability, reversibility, reliability even with self-construction building procedure. As result of this way of thinking, the trial project, of a 35 sqm building module, starts. Moreover, in this study, takes place the electrochromic (EC) glass experimentation, shifted from continental to the mild Mediterranean climate. Studies started up in 2008 by a university and professional research team and have been focus on compatibility condition of EC selective glass with local materials production, answering to precise economical and environmental requirements in a more cost/benefit awaked vision for social dwelling target. Local materials supply, production quality, knowledge of the habitat and of the local building techniques as brought to privilege poor materials as straw, wood, cork and wool. With these basis, the module can fulfill different demands and functions, depending on the proper case, from the complex building type can be suitable as social dwelling module as well. The aim of this abstract is to show the development of the research project lead by Cagliari University DICAAR, merging the results of the use of EC glass in mild climate, with high quality performance solutions for builder company and local producers in order to test these solutions in vary of fields.
ISBN: 978-989-98949-0-7
Tipologia:4.1 Contributo in Atti di convegno

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