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Titolo: Community of practice in healthcare: An investigation on nursing students' perceived respect
Data di pubblicazione: 2014
Citazione: Community of practice in healthcare: An investigation on nursing students' perceived respect / Portoghese I; Galletta M; Sardu C; Mereu A; Contu P; Campagna M. - 14:4(2014), pp. 417-421.
Abstract: In the healthcare setting, Community of Practice (CoP) can be defined as the learning environment where nursing students develop their attitudes toward the nursing profession. Although being part of a CoP is important for nursing students, it can sometimes result in a negative experience where students often perceive a lack of respect. The aim of this study was to expand the knowledge of the CoP in the healthcare setting by analyzing students' perception of respect during clinical placements. Important aspects, such as a professional role concept (role ambiguity and role conflict), tutor support, feedback and relationship with tutors and staff were investigated as predictors of student's perceived respect. A total of 188 Nursing Science Degree undergraduate students were recruited during 2012. Data were analyzed by using regression analysis. The findings supported the importance of role stress, feedback from CoP members, tutor support, and relationship with CoP members on nursing students' perceived respect. The results suggest that when studying nursing students in a CoP, the social context can contribute to affect students' perceived respect.
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