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Titolo: Italian Financial and Energy saving policies: Cost-Benefit Analysis based on the Enea Reports issued within the survey span 2007- 2010
Data di pubblicazione: 2013
Abstract: The aim of the present research is to assess the cost-effectiveness of mixing and combining different energy retrofit measures for the several geographical areas of Italy. The research work is based on the analysis of the results supplied by the several Reports drawn up by ENEA - the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development - year by year since 2007. The work is centered on finding out a criterion, based on simple and available data, that is able to identify the most cost-effective retrofit measures to improve dwellings’ energy efficiency. With the final objective of adjusting and addressing the subsidies and the policy makers’ decisions in the most profitable way, there were developed some comparative cost-effectiveness analyses and there were highlighted the most consistent kinds of renovation, both with the current economic outlook and depending on the specific geographical and climatic background. This paper presents and discusses the consequences of the Italian government leaders' policies and purposes of reducing the energy demand in the residential sector, in order to facilitate the development of a consistent plan and extention of public incentives and tax deductions for dwellings’ energy-saving retrofits. Thence, it’s designed to represent a reference point to help decision-makers and relevant stakeholders appreciate how targets have been used till now and how effective they could be, also providing evidence to be used in the upcoming policy development discussions. Actually, as this paper proves, the earlier outcomes connected with the current National Energy Strategy reveal that some such adjustments and refinements are needed, in order to make it really effective and worthwhile. Although the praiseworthy initiative and aim that underlies such a political-economic venture, it shows several gaps and faults that should be offset and filled up.
ISBN: 978-92-79-38406-6
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