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Titolo: Methodology to investigate the microclimate of a cultural heritage inserted in a semi-confined environment
Data di pubblicazione: 2013
Abstract: The aim of the research has been to analyse the decay observed in the semi-confined archaeological site in Cagliari. A multidisciplinary approach has been purposed. Differential decay with zones with great damage for the structures (pulverization, detachments, efflorescences) and other zones with less damage (only efflorescences) appeared from the survey conducted in the site. Diagnostics have been carried out to reveal the decay forms and their distribution; microclimatic monitoring has been carried out to detect temperature and relative humidity, eventually harmful values for the conservation and possible differential values of them inside the site. Sodium sulphate results the main decay agent and it is diffuse homogeneously inside the site. Microclimatic monitoring has detected a microclimatic zoning originated by the semi-confined environment. The zones closest to the outside have a trend very similar to it, instead the most confined one have a great thermal and hygrometric inertia. The comparison between the hygrothermal conditions monitored in the site and those thermodynamic favourable to salt crystallization has finally revealed the reason of the differential decay in site: different microclimatic conditions allow the sodium sulphate crystallisation as efflorescences in the zones most confined, and cryptoefflorescences in the closest to the outside one.
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