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Differences in the Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy Variables Between Right and Left Forearms in Healthy People: A Non Invasive Method to Easy Monitoring Structural Changes in Human Limbs?2020Dell’Osa, A. H.; Concu, A.; Gel, M.; Fois, A.; Mela, Q.; Capone, A.; Marongiu, G.; Loviselli, A.;... Velluzzi, F.Springer
Human energy involved in manual and mechanically facilitate harvesting of saffron flowers2018Manuello Bertetto, Andrea; Garau, M.; Ricciu, R.; Satta, Gianmario; Chiappori, P.; Concu, AlbertoSpringer
Correlation Between Mechanical and Metabolic Energy During the Gait Cycle With and Without Jumping Stilts2018Concu, Alberto; Garau, Mario; Manuello Bertetto, A.; Ruggiu, MaurizioINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MECHANICS AND CONTROL
Fatigue, as measured using the Modified Fatigue Impact Scale, is a predictor of processing speed improvement induced by exercise in patients with multiple sclerosis: data from a randomized controlled trial2018Coghe, Giancarlo; Corona, Federica; Marongiu, Elisabetta; Fenu, Giuseppe; Frau, Jessica; Lorefice..., Lorena; Crisafulli, Antonio; Galli, Manuela; Concu, Alberto; Marrosu, Maria Giovanna; Pau, Massimiliano; Cocco, EleonoraJOURNAL OF NEUROLOGY
Metabolic power and energy cost of mechanical work carried out by a sailor engaged in a solo ocean race: a case study2018Chih Wu, Wen; Concu, Alberto; Solinas, Roberto; Meloni, Luigi; MANUELLO BERTETTO, Andrea; Fois, A...ndrea; Loviselli, Andrea; Deledda, Andrea; Velluzzi, FernandaINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MECHANICS AND CONTROL
Postural stability induced by supervised physical training may improve also oxygen cost of exercise and walking capacity in post-menopause, obese women2017Velluzzi, Fernanda; Pau, Massimiliano; Loviselli, Andrea; Milia, Raffaele; Lai, Daniela; Concu, D...aniele; Angius, Gianmarco; Raweh, Abdallah; Fois, Andrea; Concu, AlbertoJOURNAL OF NOVEL PHYSIOTHERAPY AND REHABILITATION
A mechatronic pneumatic device to improve diastolic function by intermittent action on lower limbs2017Andrea Manuello Bertetto, ; Silvia, Meili; Carlo, Ferraresi; Daniela, Maffiodo; Antonio,; Alberto, ConcuINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGY
Human energy consumption during harvesting of saffron flowers2017Bertetto, Andrea Manuello; Garau, Mario; Ricciu, Roberto; Lorrai, Luigi; Concu, AlbertoADVANCES IN INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS AND COMPUTINGSpringer Verlag
Hydroxytyrosol but not resveratrol ingestion induced an acute increment of post exercise blood flow in brachial artery2016Sarais G; Crisafulli A; Concu D; Fois A; Raweh A; Concu AHEALTH
Training impulses: A method to quantify exercise intensity in postmenopausal obese women2016Velluzzi, Fernanda; Tocco, Filippo; Deledda, Andrea; Lai, Daniela; Loviselli, Andrea; Milia, Raff...aele; Concu, D.; Ghiani, GIOVANNA MARIA; Concu, AlbertoInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
EFFECTS OF SIX MONTHS TRAINING ON PHYSICAL CAPACITY AND METABOREFLEX ACTIVITY IN PATIENTS WITH MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS.2016Magnani, S.; Olla, S.; Pau, M.; Palazzolo, G.; Tocco, F.; Doneddu, A.; Marcelli, M.; Loi, A.; Cor...ona, F.; Corona, F.; Coghe, G; Marrosu, M.G.; Concu, A; Cocco, E.; Marongiu, E.; Crisafulli, A.FRONTIERS IN PHYSIOLOGY
Nervous facilitation in cardiodynamic response of exercising athletes to superimposed mental tasks: implications in depressive disorder2015Tocco, Filippo; Crisafulli, Antonio; Milia, Raffaele; Marongiu, Elisabetta; Mura, Roberto; Robert...o, Silvana; Concu, D; Melis, S; Velluzzi, Fernanda; Loviselli, Andrea; Concu, Alberto; Melis, FrancoCLINICAL PRACTICE AND EPIDEMIOLOGY IN MENTAL HEALTH
Metaboreflex activity in multiple sclerosis patients2015Marongiu, E; Olla, S; Magnani, S; Palazzolo, G; Sanna, I; Tocco, F; Marcelli, M; Loi, A; Corona, ...F; Mulliri, G; Concu, A; Crisafulli, AEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSIOLOGY
Cardiovascular responses during free-diving in the sea2015Marongiu, E; Crisafulli, A; Ghiani, G; Olla, S; Roberto, S; Pinna, M; Pusceddu, M; Palazzolo, G; ...Sanna, I; Concu, A; Tocco, FINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SPORTS MEDICINE
Metaboreflex activity in multiple sclerosis patients2015Marongiu, Elisabetta; Olla, Sergio; Magnani, S.; Palazzolo, Girolamo; Sanna, Irene; Tocco, Filipp...o; Marcelli, Maura; Loi, Andrea; Corona, Francesco; Mulliri, Gabriele; Concu, Alberto; Crisafulli, AntonioEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSIOLOGY
Heart rate unreliability during interval training recovery in middle distance runners2015Tocco, Filippo; Sanna, Irene; Mulliri, Gabriele; Magnani, Sara; Todde, Francesco; Mura, Roberto; ...Ghiani, GIOVANNA MARIA; Concu, Alberto; Melis, Franco; Crisafulli, AntonioJOURNAL OF SPORTS SCIENCE AND MEDICINE
Physiological responses and energy expenditure during competitive fencing2014Milia R; Roberto S; Pinna M; Palazzolo G; Sanna I; Omeri M; Piredda S; Migliaccio G; Concu A; Cri...safulli AAPPLIED PHYSIOLOGY, NUTRITION AND METABOLISM
Effects of acute vasodilation on the hemodynamic response to muscle metaboreflex2013Marongiu, E; Piepoli, M; Milia, R; Angius, L; Pinna, M; Bassareo, P; Roberto, S; Tocco, F; Concu,... A; Crisafulli, AAMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY. HEART AND CIRCULATORY PHYSIOLOGY
Cardiovascular adjustments in breath-hold diving: comparison between divers and non-divers in simulated dynamic apnoea2012Tocco, Filippo; Crisafulli, Antonio; Melis, Franco; Porru, Cristina; Pittau, G; Milia, Raffaele; ...Concu, AlbertoEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSIOLOGY
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