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Integrated environmental evaluation of heavy metals and metalloids bioaccumulation in invertebrates and seaweeds from different marine coastal areas of sardinia, mediterranean sea2020Corrias, F.; Atzei, A.; Addis, P.; Secci, M.; Russo, M.; Angioni, A.ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION
Flash flood simulation and valve behavior of Mytilus galloprovincialis measured with Hall sensors2020Addis, Pierantonio; Angioni, Alberto; Pasquini, Viviana; Giglioli, Ambra Angelica; Andreotti, Val...eria; Carboni, Stefano; Secci, MarcoINTEGRATIVE ZOOLOGY
UHPLC-MS/MS Method for the Analysis of 2,6 Toluene Diisocyanate and 2,4 Toluene Diisocyanate Released from Microa-gglomerated Corks in Wine2020Corrias, F.; Cossu, E.; Cardu, P.; Angioni, A.FOOD ANALYTICAL METHODS
Effects of industrial processing on pesticide multiresidues transfer from raw tomatoes to processed products2020Corrias, F.; Atzei, A.; Lai, C.; Dedola, F.; Ibba, E.; Zedda, G.; Canu, F.; Angioni, A.FOODS
Influence of the technological process on the biochemical composition of fresh roe and bottarga from liza ramada and mugil cephalus2020Corrias, F.; Atzei, A.; Giglioli, A.; Pasquini, V.; Cau, A.; Addis, P.; Sarais, G.; Angioni, A.FOODS
Environmental Fate of Two Organophosphorus Insecticides in Soil Microcosms under Mediterranean Conditions and Their Effect on Soil Microbial Communities2019Ben Salem, Asma; Chaabane, Hanene; Caboni, Pierluigi; Angioni, Alberto; Salghi, Rachid; Fattouch,... SamiSOIL & SEDIMENT CONTAMINATION
Influence of a prepared diet and a macroalga (Ulva sp.) on the growth, nutritional and sensory qualities of gonads of the sea urchin Paracentrotus lividus2018Ermelinda, Prato; Giovanni, Fanelli; Angioni, Alberto; Francesca, Biandolino; Isabella, Parlapian...o; Loredana, Papa; Giuseppe, Denti; Secci, Marco; Chiantore, Mariachiara; Kelly, Maeve S.; Maria Paola Ferranti, ; Addis, PieroAQUACULTURE
The effects of raw propolis on Varroa-infested honey bee (Apis mellifera) workers2018Pusceddu, Michelina; Floris, Ignazio; Mura, Alessandra; Theodorou, Panagiotis; Cirotto, Giorgia; ...Piluzza, Giovanna; Bullitta, Simonetta; Angioni, Alberto; Satta, AlbertoPARASITOLOGY RESEARCH
Antioxidant effect of natural table olives phenolic extract against oxidative stress and membrane damage in enterocyte-like cells2017Serreli, Gabriele; Incani, Alessandra; Atzeri, Angela; Angioni, Alberto; Campus, Marco; Cauli, Em...anuele; Zurru, Roberto; Deiana, MonicaJOURNAL OF FOOD SCIENCE
Towards Controlled Fermentation of Table Olives: LAB Starter Driven Process in an Automatic Pilot Processing Plant2017Campus, M; Cauli, E.; Scano, E.; Piras, F.; Comunian, R.; Paba, A.; Daga, E.; Di Salvo, R.; Sedda..., P.; Angioni, Alberto; Zurru, R.FOOD AND BIOPROCESS TECHNOLOGY
A sequential treatment with sodium hypochlorite and a reduced dose of imazalil heated at 50 °C effectively control decay of individually film-wrapped lemons stored at 20 °C2017D'Aquino, Salvatore; Suming, Dai; Deng, Ziniu; Gentile, Alessandra; Angioni, Alberto; De Pau, Luc...iano; Palma, AmedeoPOSTHARVEST BIOLOGY AND TECHNOLOGY
Presence of Trihalomethanes in ready-to-eat vegetables disinfected with chlorine2017Coroneo, Valentina; Carraro, Valentina; Marras, Barbara; Marrucci, Alessandro; Succa, Sara; Melon...i, Barbara; Pinna, Antonella; Angioni, Alberto; Sanna, Adriana; Schintu, MarcoFOOD ADDITIVES & CONTAMINANTS. PART A. CHEMISTRY, ANALYSIS, CONTROL, EXPOSURE & RISK ASSESSMENT
Analysis of trace metal concentrations in human's milk. A pilot study2017Congiu, Francesca; Furcas, Sara; D'Alterio, MAURIZIO NICOLA; Dessolis, Francesca; Orlando, MARCO ...GIUSEPPE; Anardu, Michela; Deiana, Danilo; Angioni, Alberto; Angioni, StefanoJOURNAL OF PEDIATRIC AND NEONATAL INDIVIDUALIZED MEDICINEHygeia Press
Suitability for ready-to-eat processing and preservation of six green and red baby ceaves cultivars and evaluation of their antioxidant value during storage and after the expiration date2016Fadda, Angela; Pace, Bernardo; Angioni, Alberto; Barberis, Antonio; Cefola, MariaJOURNAL OF FOOD PROCESSING AND PRESERVATION
Natural table olives phenolic extract counteract the harmful effects of oxidative stress in human intestinal cells2016Serreli, G.; Incani, A.; Atzeri, A.; Angioni, A.; Campus, M.; Cauli, E.; Zurru, R.; Zodio, S.; De...iana, M.JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF ANTIOXIDANTS IN NUTRITION & HEALTH
Postharvest applications of clove essential oils on dry seeds stored under simulated warehouse conditions2016Angioni, A; Sarais, G; Melis, M; Russo, MT; Schirra, M; D' Aquino, SJOURNAL OF ESSENTIAL OIL RESEARCH
Natural table olives phenolic extracts from sardinian cultivars protect caco-2 cells against oxidative damage2015Serreli, Gabriele; Incani, Alessandra; Atzeri, Angela; Zodio, Sonia; Porru, Laura; Angioni,; Campus, Marco; Cauli, Emanuele; Zurru, Roberto; Deiana, Monica
Gas chromatographic mass spectrometry determination of geosmin and 2-methylisoborneol off-flavor in Mugil cephalus roe2015Angioni, Alberto; Cau, Alessandro; Addis, PierantonioFOOD ANALYTICAL METHODS
Simultaneous amperometric detection of ascorbic acid and antioxidant capacity in orange, blueberry and kiwi juice, by a telemetric system coupled with a fullerene- or nanotubes-modified ascorbate subtractive biosensor2015Barberis A; Spissu Y; Fadda A; Azara E; Bazzu G; Marceddu S; Angioni A; Sanna D Schirra M; Serra ...P.A.BIOSENSORS & BIOELECTRONICS
Residue levels and performance of potassium sorbate and thiabendazole and their co-application against blue mold of apples when applied as water dip treatments at 20 or 53°C2015Fadda, A; Barberis, A; D'Aquino, S; Palma, A; Angioni, A; Lai, F; Schirra, MPOSTHARVEST BIOLOGY AND TECHNOLOGY
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