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Titolo: Impacts of alien plants and man-made disturbance on soil-growing bryophyte and lichen diversity in coastal areas of Sardinia (Italy)
Data di pubblicazione: 2010
Abstract: Seventy phytosociological releves were performed in 1 m x 1 m plots at 14 study sites spread along sandy shores in northern and southern Sardinia (Italy). The plots were selected in different habitat types (open dunes, native Juniperus woodlands, maquis, and plantations with Acacia, Eucalyptus and Pinus) according to a stratified sampling method in order to investigate impacts deriving from different levels of Carpobrotus spp. cover, dry litter from exotic trees, and other disturbance types. The quantile regression and logistic regression analyses revealed that the reduction in the amount of bryophyte and lichen cover on sand dunes of the study area is caused either by a high cover of Carpobrotus spp. mats or by a high cover of dry exotic litter in dense, unmanaged or poorly managed forest plantations. Additional detrimental effects are often driven by other kinds of man-made disturbances. Forest management in the coastal areas of Sardinia should be gradually modified to take into account the conservation of bryophytes and lichens. Some of the biological indicators used are quite widespread in the Mediterranean coastal habitats or are exclusively associated with sand dunes; therefore, they can also be conveniently used as indicators of biological impacts in other countries or islands of the same biogeographical region.
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