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Titolo: Garnet‐rich veins in an ultrabasic amphibolite from NE Sardinia, Italy: An example of vein mineralogical re‐equilibration during the exhumation of a granulite terrane
Data di pubblicazione: 2020
Abstract: A complex system of mono‐ and polymineralic centimeter‐thick veins occurs within the ultrabasic amphibolites of Montigiu Nieddu hill in northeastern Sardinia, and they are filled with garnet, amphibole, chlorite, and epidote. Some garnet‐rich veins are margined by an amphibole layer at the interface with the host rock and/or show replacement of epidote concentrated in the vein core. Together with homogeneous matrix garnet (Grt1), millimetric, euhedral, and strongly zoned garnet porphyroblasts occur within these veins. The estimated pressure–temperature conditions (P = 1.0–1.7 GPa, T = 650–750 °C) for the formation of Grt1 match the metamorphic peak and early exhumation derived previously for the host rocks and confirm that the garnet veins also formed under high‐pressure (HP) conditions. The igneous protolith of the host rocks experienced HP metamorphism in a subduction zone and underwent exhumation in an exhumation channel. The vein system in the ultrabasic amphibolites formed by cyclic hydrofracturing as rapid and transient events such as crack‐seal veining. The growth of multiple vein‐filling mineral assemblages indicates the formation of separate vein‐producing cycles.
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