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Titolo: Raman Spectroscopy as a Probe for Monitoring the Zinc Presence in Zn-Substituted Cobalt Ferrites
Data di pubblicazione: 2019
Abstract: A Raman study on Zinc-substituted Cobalt ferrites, with different Zn(II) contents in each sample of formula: CoFe₂O₄ (1), Zn0.30Co0.70Fe2.00O₄ (2), Zn0.46Co0.54Fe2.02O₄ (3), Zn0.53Co0.47Fe2.02O₄ (4) is reported. These samples show the same crystallite size (∼6 nm), particle size (∼7 nm) and particle size distribution (∼20%) and they have been synthesized through heating up surfactant-assisted thermal decomposition of metalorganic precursors. The effect of Zn(II) substitution in the cationic distribution is investigated by using the known metal-oxygen vibrational modes in tetrahedral and octahedral sites. The presence of Zn(II) metal ion is determined through the band at 150 cm-1 (T2g(1) phonon mode), which is not present in the pure Co-ferrite, a blue-shift of the Eg vibrational mode depending on Zn(II)/Co(II) cationic distribution and a shoulder at ∼250 cm-1, which appears when zinc enters in the structure, and a broadening and a red-shift in the A1g phonon mode is observed in Raman spectra of 2-4 samples. Interestingly the latter represents a potential key probe to monitor the Zn(II) presence in Zn-substituted Co-ferrites.
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