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Titolo: The Variscan basement in Sardinia
Data di pubblicazione: 2015
Abstract: After a short and up-to-date geological overview of the Variscan belt in Sardinia, we describe a field trip in the northeastern portion of the island that progresses from the low-grade metamorphic rocks to the Migmatite Complex and its related intrusions. The selected Stops are readily accessible and can be covered in four days. We include several exemplary outcrops that were instrumental in unravelling the tectono-metamorphic history of this sector of the Variscan belt. We start from the more southern outcrops, where the low-grademetamorphic rocks crop out, moving further to the North towards the more metamorphic rocks characterized by the presence of eclogitic bodies. In the proposed outcrops we can observe clear examples of the polyphase tectonics of the Variscan basement with several nice examples of rocks deformed at different structural levels.
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