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Titolo: Geologia e Geomatica a supporto delle scelte di pianificazione: il riconoscimento degli argini naturali di un corso d'acqua
Data di pubblicazione: 2013
Abstract: The paper presents the application of a new methodology for geomorphological analysis for the recognition of shapes that define the bed of watercourses. The proposal addresses the need legislation to protect the watercourses as Article 142, paragraph 1, letter c of D. Decree 42/2004, Code of Cultural Heritage and Landscape, which incorporates protection legislation already exists and where it is revealed that "rivers, streams, rivers ... and their banks for a range of 150 meters each" are subject to protection. This shape is mapped in a simple way when the water course is contained between artificial embankments, from whose external base 150 meters are calculated. If the bed is natural, its banks are not already recognizable only by the topographical map, but they must be identified by a geological approach in a broad sense. As part of the European project RES- MAR (Reseau pour l'environnement dans l'espace Maritime), Cross-border Cooperation Programme Italy-France "Maritime" for 2007-2013, the Department of Chemical Sciences and geological of the University of Cagliari, on the the basis of a scientific cooperation agreement with the General Directorate of Land Planning of Sardinia Region, studied the mapping problem with an approach that brings together the morphologies developed on the geomorphometric basis, a series of aerial photographs and historical maps and a detailed geological survey. The geological characterization of the morphologies and their recognition in a GIS model allow to associate the concepts of water flow and therefore climatic phenomena related to precipitation (hydraulic closely approach) to those related to the lithological nature, particle size and morphology of the bed and therefore its peculiarity in different geological contexts.
ISBN: 978-88-903132-8-8
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